They do get on to suggest the main problem here to be that from an environment where I felt safe – it is utter nonsense as the problem is that it builds publicity for my activities without permission and goes on to create a result where with a smile on its face on Media because it was part of its stupid job to keep the smile there, it spends my career proceeds on the public because it liked me very much, before I got the chance to earn money from it, then when it thinks I am finished, makes an announcement that this was prove of power which its stupidity possessed, as I am too cowardly to break the Law.

It is much like the other idea that I am this weak character people could handle as they liked, whilst there were younger people still getting involved with what I did at private security, which suggests I had done something right, none knows why they got off building a media presence for German influence gits that fell on the wrong side of it, to show up here deciding what I am supposed to do for money, giving way to these sordid experiences of what becomes of a person who is inundated with idiots that have never taken anything seriously in their stupid lives but want to decide how much money others could possess.

I have made it easier for them, to make comments about their own careers and stay away from the Books, considering I now need to mitigate a condition in which I wrote the Books as a matter of what I did with the Office, where the government organises itself to deal with public matters in terms of children, the elderly and the working population, I am now faced with a kind of pressure where I needed to start selling the Books soon and ensure the process was not counterproductive because I left it too late, they could stop making stupid comments about my affairs with Media, claiming I had more to spend at the monarchy and there was a way it was all my fault at any time but it seems instead, like any car siren is used to create the idea that the Police disturbs the neighbourhood because of me, whilst they show up here to stall a Bookshop and issue threats that range into mortality threats with a big mouth, I have to stop it badly.

I am told it is the journalism issue but this is not journalism at all, I mean I used to ignore its insults that it was incredibly important and I spent time dreaming of a time when it will fight for my civil rights, which it needed to guard against, as per I am aware it is doing less media work and more beating me down with famous insults alongside its celebrities that think I should be getting into a fight with others on the streets to help me feel more important but I put it down to defence mechanism that will allow it carry on without being taken advantage of – no idea the exact stage where this gave way to a process of using media to decide what people thought of me at the work market and therefore use it to decide the state of my finances, from there the destruction of my academic pursuits banging tummy to secure a response to its narcissism and now are at in a state where it gets on the stupid media to run me down because it believed I was finished, but clearly not, only it seems that it was making itself an enemy that had nothing to lose. Much the same with the friends from the Monarchy, these started out with gimmicks that involved ripping up government diplomacy assets around my Office, as it worked on a sense that it would be able to get rich in the USA before the truth was out as per whether I am in league with communists, attacking American interests, thereafter it showed up with gimmicks that suggested the condition it ends up with and the fact some people needed to get killed by communists, was all to do with security services leadership, so the more public security we got was the more trouble we got into and I had to tidy it up, the problem being that every time it runs off that nonsense an idiot in parliament had an outlandish idea, same as the media and famous fools that have not yet informed us where they were getting their own authority to get involved too.

It does arrive at a point like its Muslim friends like to make out I was in a huge mess, as they try to ensure when they insult and abuse, label an infidel so it was easy to finger bums and decide what meat I ate, winding them up to a point where I achieved something by so doing, its Islamic stupidities walking down the streets to look for trouble because they were drawn out that way apparently, would lead to blasphemy and then will I get into harms way, seemingly which I have been winding them up to a stage where there is no blasphemy but they can feel me, so like the media and Celebrity gits stifling my finances by spending my books on the public before I earned money from it in a grand involvement corruption and betrayal of trust, they do claim that there was a link between people getting killed on the streets and a lot of the things I got up to, whilst reality here was that the more they found out, was the more I had to top everything I did, to ensure it was bad enough for me to get away with.

In the end it says that they do not know what had to be done to make me stop but this is an intellectual property administration business, its owner subjected to abusive insults associated with how they would like to be served by him whilst they complained about racism and clung to his Bookshop income margins because his patents mean nothing to them whatsoever, having since arrived now at a stage where it was a question of finding out where I lived to steal the secrets, with two results, and one question; results being that I need to start bullying them as well and prepare for any instances where a famous idiots whose insults when stopped keeps peoples imagination away from my body, hired somebody to attack me, so I may do something with it that could not have been foreseen, the other result being one of a history here where it wrecked Academic pursuits, work market engagements and is trashing a bookshop to decide how much money I possessed based on how well I will have served its stupidities, to suggest there was a way it was all my fault, cracked up out of my league clinging to gimmicks that involved offering media presence to German influence twats with opinions about what I did with security industry, to which effect I need provide its stupidities with response that will show that their male society problems was not the centre of the world, expressing its stupidities at my expense in terms of ripping my finances because it did not know what know, seeking equality once done with its insults. The one question that has come from it, considering it is now about what must be done to make me stop, is one of how long I have tolerated their stupidities to arrive at a stage where patents and time can no longer decide my property security advantage even in court because they had media to play with, hence now a matter of finding where I lived to steal secrets, the abusive activities likely to inflict lasting health problems that will eventually cause death whilst it shoots off the big mouth on Media about being provoked by state provided security.

They do claim that most of my problems are my fault and yes they are, when I start everything I had done all over again because somebody was being abusive it is, they need to continue building up leadership for younger people, as will assist with the fact they were cracked up and out of my league at the same time, for the sole purpose of fingering my bum, in partnership with another group of fools that hardly spend any time in their female society and thought they were entitled to anything in this place. They were still alive apparently and all that has been achieved via the destruction and vandalism as though they paid the fees at University and have been paying any of the bills, was the abusive middle management nonsense that we all had to tolerate.

It was never clear what I thought of them they say, that there was a chance I might be a threat that was ignored until it did his worst they say – reality of course is that they loved to suggest I liked to pursue the interests of poorer people not because it was amusing but because time spent at the boardrooms were spent fooling around, probably taking class A drugs, having sex, performing the sort of destructive and abusive activities we see Celebrities perform because they think it is an activity that makes the lives of those who on the basis of products and services decided the financial well being of many people intriguing. The real problem comes from their need to trash small businesses in order to serve the big businesses, of which the big businesses were big due to success, facts that are not readily obvious to their popularity stupidities, the part where their homosexuals claimed they were born gay but show up here to make me homosexual against my wishes, being the beginning of a ground work to prepare me for a mode of operation when I got to bully them to keep a Bookshop and if I catch a slightest sense of anything g which suggested famous people hired somebody to attack me, I will do something new an unprecedented with it too.

I am then informed that it was a matter of Americans and their friends fighting my wars, which is utter nonsense – an old story of the way it pokes me to find a corner of my mind that thinks of the interests of the USA over what I did, and lives as though I had to be accountable to the USA, all of which were placed there by a bunch of idiots with a big mouth, who wish to ensure an unusual interest in a Bookshop, led to a bad end. I mean nothing I do puts me under any pressure when we think of it in terms of the boasting about the pleasures of causing me a difficult time, not the standing up for myself at the Monarchy, pushing back at abusive Politicians or protecting myself from money madness gits, it is all their home wrecker stupidities and corrupt private security industry twats who were now in league with rogue landlords, if I did nothing, it will build up to a health problem and the health problem will build up to a cause of death eventually. Their American friends never do this up front, it will tackle a victim for decades as if the world revolved around its stupidities, no longer young and hopeful, not heading towards retirement, at a point where if the career is not run the way I want, it will go down hill from there on, to come up with these ultimatums and gimmicks that had been wrecking the finances all along, where its stupidities gets to make me deals I cannot refuse with a big mouth, if I am not available will it turn on its own and then we had to watch the mass shooting on TV.