The story behind gimmicks that do not seem to go away is that I faced difficulties at the Monarchy which then came to me on the streets every day, there is nothing like that, just a Monarch that is very friendly towards characters who claim to be from male society and were willing to get torn up by National enemies in order for public security to exist, so it is being used as public policy in terms of those who were unwilling to get torn up for public security. Now I have mentioned it, we all see it is less of the problem that it is made out to be. The other matter involving Celebrities who are really just a bunch of trouble makers with a Media presence, so incompetent alongside their media gits and so completely devoid of any talents whatsoever, that it was not possible to say that they had jobs with a Media presence and others made personal decisions that caused civil rights problems in which condition they were expected to deploy their jobs when required to assist those who had civil rights problems and they were so well learned, so educated, so talented, so skilled at their work that it did not matter and none noticed that their highly paid jobs were located in an environment where such causalities were common practice – it is simply a bunch of idiots with cameras and an alliance with a criminal community that runs peoples lives with residues of social activities performed by criminals, working with corrupt private security and rogue landlords to watch me and run me down all day – suffices to say it may issue the threats regardless of the number of times I have tried to dissuade them from getting on my nerves, I am unable to make sense of their financial fraud fame putting up leverage and running me down to make it profitable everyday hence the endless insults looking for more of what it is complaining about, if it rips up my career and gets near enough to me, I never will as it were. The rest were a matter of people who made everything very difficult for me because they were Americans – they really don’t, they like to fantasise that I lived in an extension of the USA whilst it is really a completely separate country, what we know as a matter of certainty, is that it is really tough for people who screw up in their country and they would despite this give up everything to gamble with the idea of abusively handling me to get rich fast, so there are always limits and it becomes a matter of ensuring they did not take advantage of me to such an extent that it caused problems for the US Government, soon it becomes a question of the time span between when they started and when they complained about British, alongside their birth sign reading immoral society street corner stealing popularity twats.

Eventually we had to listen to the way that this all happened because they hated the fact that I was leading them – an old story about property crimes if it so occurs that the ownership were stronger than they were, music to my ears naturally, save the part where the famous idiots ensured I faced the same health problems as they did with cracked up out of my league behind the camera who had an arrangement with neighbourhoods, hence impetus for the endless insults, the very worst being the part where a famous fool only need show up on a rec carpet and they had suggested I was a small part of their world whilst my property belonged to the stars. I am told that they continued to maintain their stance that ideas I am Royalty would get me into trouble – it is not really a crisis as suggested either, they will never get serves from the Royal Bookshop if the world was set to implode, without paying for and reading the Books, we see how such a stance assisted with stupid excuses they made about hurting others, where people got stabbed because playgrounds were no longer usable and they were online bullies because they were forgotten people, that said, it will come a time when I am fed up being drowned in their insolence and we will have another group of people with strange ideas getting everywhere like the other group that were currently willing to get torn up for public security.

It is then ascertained that I was in a huge amount of trouble but continued to resist assistance but I am not – it is about power to pick up my media platforms and set about the idea that services associated with my Bookshop were to be enjoyed separately from the Bookshop, to which effect no books were being sold and people were getting hurt to ensure that relevant pressures got me to do what they wanted. I let it run because the other twat is always talking nonsense at Government buildings for their stupidities to thrive by, needs to show up here to read a Book, not cling to my social life and public image for superiority, shoot off its big mouth about Political system and drown me in its insolence, which ever generation its stupidities have come from. I am not consumed by wrath as assumed either, just all I have done to keep them off my affairs, the stupidities, the practical jokes, the endless energy for it, had failed, if they had their own homes to return to the entire time, I have not been given an explanation as to the reasons it had failed but the recent popularity abuses of the five years leading up to 2023, requires an impressive response on my part as well.