Politicians have now expressed concerns that I spend too much time thinking of the welfare of Celebrities in the course of my Office, which I do not – it was actually a two part story, in one part when I worked with big businesses on product, image and aesthetics or worked with small companies that for instance wanted to take advantage of a market the big businesses opened up but were too big to fill, I use methods such as the wealth equity and crime control publicity at the Office, what I am faced with as a problem that any person ought to expect literally, is the stupidities that brings about an outcome where any period in which I make a small sacrifice for a company during times of talks with investors or clients, was an opportunity for idiots with a media presence to give quasi criminals an opportunity to express themselves, afterwards we find them on the phone all the time talking to another collection of fools that helped them get rich through finance market fraud that laced their public appearances, using leverage that abused peoples careers and personal finances on the other hand, then it progresses to putting the labels on me as a character people bullied to befriend and share the money of the wealthy, leaves me open to the home wreckers and gold diggers, picks up my career publicity to cover its backside and builds up the kind of publicity that its stupidities would have preferred for my Books, it was all the fault of communists. The other part of the story being that should I shut down current method of operation which was the best I could muster and works famously, I will hardly have found another method of operation that will be as effective, so I am caught between the engine of economic growth and ending up in a situation where a bunch of idiots took control away from the local authorities and got me waking up to nauseating financial complications and insolently as possible every day.

We have even heard them speak of us as a country ending up in a situation that suggested we needed a government minister who would handle exclusively matters of male society – the simple business of ceasing the regular habit of attacking women, seems to have been the difficult aspect in all of it. They were still the people who clung to my assets to get rich and peddled ideas about punishment that will befall me when I had failed to behave like a real gentleman, time and again we think we needed not worry about them, time and again we get the shock of our lives on the treatment of the female community, never stops handling my client interests and threatening me, wants to see a response that it will remember at the stupid well off neighbourhoods for a long time. When I speak like so, the prevalent assumption is that I may have touched on the issues that bothered them, whilst we know that the violent orthodoxy of a bunch of gits with personality that thought crime was a career, male and female alike, was a completely different thing from social seesaw they played up with women that had bad experiences, unless they were at the receiving end of it and we know some of the instances where the women got murdered has been televised by the Police who investigated and solved the crime. Here I am told I keep some important information to myself and the information in question would be that the whole bottom chasing insults were a product of the fact that items acquired for sale at the market place were being acquired by criminal means and those items acquired by criminal means were being mixed up with legitimate market products at the High Streets, not my business they say, fingers my bum any opportunity its stupidities got and I was clearly talking to it the last time we checked, yet it mixes its ill gotten gains with my affairs everyday and its famous fools want to order my steps, so each time I felt I was unable to protect my clients and they were unable to protect their clients, it was important to push them so hard that they would need to complain about having fought my wars for me at a later date. The premise is that for instance if I worked with auto companies, the spirituality of what we did was incredibly important, would not seem like much until we faced instances where responsibility for resources of finances had turned towards war, considering that it is a big financial decision for families whenever automobiles had been purchased, these idiots would then corrupt the spirituality for me everyday before its big mouth complains that state provided security had been disrespectful, as it clung to my career publicity and income margins.