The point of the abusive activities was apparently that the way I lived was disgraceful. I could never tell anyway since the problem is that Book readers never show up at a premises to work the author for homelessness and other social issues including his lifestyle and level of commitment, they show up to read Books and the business of reading Books was the way that I funded the lifestyle that the abusive poofs wanted. The boasting however is that I am completely out of my depth on the matter and this was the kind of problems we were dealing with naturally i.e. if they were still at it beyond the said deadline, I will begin my own war on the local authorities and the Celebrities who are both practically the same group of people, there was naturally always the alternative that I got to keep the jobs that I find whenever I found them, supposing they were quite finished on the profitable stupidities.

The part where Politicians rip up my career and finances to help boost economy as they will not see me filling another social gap but that which facilitated such nonsense, is not an emotive issue - I am mostly only interested in the part where the corrupt amusement gave way to me being caught up in some cause where I was betrayed, so they may become a paid version of the problems they were complaining about - it has become clear that I need to keep the jobs that I find otherwise we will be a facing a conflict between myself on one hand and on the other the civil rights idiots, local councils and celebrities. 

As for the story that there was nothing I could do about the abusive history built up at a cost to my person, it was clear that my base line of the idea their stupidities could not possibly have developed an explanation for a series of activities that wreck my career each time I tried to recover it, whilst working me for homelessness with the help of the thoroughly modern pricks they called children that have been given access to CCTV for such purposes, alongside their German influence civil rights idiots who had to get involved with everybody's business, and apparently have learned nothing from the history we already have here, over claims I am committing social security fraud but they apparently have got an explanation that speaks of it all being my fault as a person, the fault of my career publicity and the fault of what I possessed.

The Politicians have expressed the concern about the way that people merely make sense of what I am doing and then the social situation will have upturned, and we will have ended up facing extreme hate in my direction, continuing as something that does not concern me but that is what this was all about. The way people make sense of what I am doing is attributable to the fact I am not an evil person and more so am not engaged in a crime and that it is a legitimate career that I am involved with, the hate is a product of the public place insults, especially those worked and sanctioned by famous idiots. The problem is that they think they were so important that they will make me take responsibility for tidying up the effect of those insults and are currently conversing me with the way a master would with a servant to achieve this – so it is a bunch of incredibly stupid people whom without exploring facts of the way that they liked me one moment and the next their insults had made my personality hateable, playing into a sense that I had become a victim of some silly passion crime, we could see it was a group of people so idiotic that they had decided that the victim of their gimmicks did not actually have a career that got to his head the way their career got to their own and that the career publicity, the social and personal life, could be handled for any reason and for any purpose, never mind that the problems which brought about these results were entirely a product of personal decisions, concerning which they have received numerous better advice. I had done everything I could to ensure the career and Bookshop was not affected, to which effect they had done everything they could to ensure that it was, hence this condition where client were unable to decide that a particular thing was definitive and then it makes more excuses for it by suggesting it was all my fault as a matter of something I said i.e. they made up the person that was supposed to be me who then said those things and made themselves the character that was supposed to have been provoked, so that if they felt that they could not respect my career publicity they would then have hoped for a condition where they would be no consequences should they trash it to feed their gimmicks, hence the reasons I am likely to take the view that if they get further support beyond this stage from the usual fair minded government office pricks, I will deem those to have made enemies with me too. The products I am selling at the Bookshop had since encouraged this because it was creative equity and creative asset broker – therefore an opportunity to say that somebody possessed a career that could be handled by those who wanted to share the wealth of the wealthy for the purpose of helping the wealthy avoid consequences of personal decisions, which is an unfathomable level of provocation and there is always an explanation that made it my fault, so if we asked them what they were doing with my career, they would say that they were doing something that sent out a message that I am a victim of what they were likely to do if they felt as if they were not incredibly important because their stupidities really were, hence they had followed up on it and actually formed an alliance with the local councils to work bum fingering upstart nonsense at me during every work and business opportunity and turn up where I lived to work me for homelessness on the excuse that they were investigating whether I was engaged in social security fraud – this is the trigger for what I am doing at this point, the reasons I really feel as if this nonsense is the last destructive thing that the immoral society mandated self-seeking pricks will perform on my career, so it likes to assume I say what I am saying at this point because I am trying to deter them but I am really setting a trap and it cannot be a trap if it did not leave them feeling as if they had a 100% state of social entitlement to continue with these activities at my expense, this is me seeking revenge, deterrence was long done, this nonsense only needs continue beyond the set deadline for me to be free of it.

The point is then raised that it was tough to go about stopping it but it is not tough for me at all: we know that if I put the work in and successfully deter them, the cause of my problems would be that they were backed by a narcissism community that was not deterred as well and or that they wanted to live in a period of history when I had done nothing, like we have noted the way that their insults have been so well pushed into my social life that clients would make sense of what I am doing one moment and the next they were filled with hate. If they continue beyond the set deadline, I will need to embark on a series of activities that also educates them on the fact I am not thrilled that they existed and like their silly completely innocent fans that think they can threaten anybody they wanted, there were people who were 100% certain on the other hand as well, that they had no right to be famous. I mean these are the sort of activities which showed what I was told back at school notorious meant, not fame i.e. fame was the part where somebody campaign against bullying or builds a place to take in homeless children, arriving at a stage where they were well known and companies gave them free money to buy and spend on products at the market, the purpose of which was to ensure that since these companies had surveyed the markets and found that in order to work with the government and achieve economic success, the public should be made to engage with market towards a certain direction, so in an environment where we were all caught up in public service, the appearance of a celebrity would be unconventional, it would have been a very unusual way to make a living but would also make the sense that in a society like this people could achieve something important, the other side of it was the definition of notorious i.e. get out of bed everyday and smoke marijuana at 11.00a. to wind up the Police and do what can be done to prevent younger people attending school, which these idiots first complained about solely because their bottom hurt, have converted my career into a tool that covers that bottom, then become a paid version of. I do not think it is a crisis, just the point being raised, if it continues beyond the said deadline; I will begin my own processes as well in which I will want to see exactly how they will speak to me like masters to servants and my career will be used to tidy up the mess they made for themselves via their personal decisions, lest they committed suicide, I will find out what they plan to do about what I will do to catch up with the insults that allows them to build communities that finger my bum, I will no longer take responsibility for the mess they make of their lives and the perverted interest in mine which now adds up to some sort of passion crime, history being that spending any little they have left to work this nonsense had frequently resulted in a degree of insanity that caused street murders, I will no longer be taking responsibility for this nonsense and these will make only the administrative side of what I would want to do about it.

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The story behind gimmicks that do not seem to go away is that I faced difficulties at the Monarchy which then came to me on the streets every day, there is nothing like that, just a Monarch that is very friendly towards characters who claim to be from male society and were willing to get torn up by National enemies in order for public security to exist, so it is being used as public policy in terms of those who were unwilling to get torn up for public security. Now I have mentioned it, we all...

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Politicians have now expressed concerns that I spend too much time thinking of the welfare of Celebrities in the course of my Office, which I do not – it was actually a two part story, in one part when I worked with big businesses on product, image and aesthetics or worked with small companies that for instance wanted to take advantage of a market the big businesses opened up but were too big to fill, I use methods such as the wealth equity and crime control publicity at the Office, what I ...

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