I am said to have become victim of a gimmick that leaves me playing into the hands of bunch of extremists everyday which is utter rubbish, people continue to deny the link between the abusive nonsense we see these idiots exhibit and their complicity with racists, the celebrities that showed up here telling me what to do and stifling my finances because all white people were racist and the idiots were hanging about somewhere killing each other each time they made a mess of my concerns, have not fixed the way it affected their own career since, telling me what to do. So if it liked, it should know that we needed to get back to that point where every time it handled my concerns, it got into a fight with extremists and died, just as much as we have suggested that the other women who worked an interest where tackling me and involvement with my concerns was no compatible with female interests and a process of working for women, were a reflection of my responsibilities. I have done everything in my power to try and avoid this Libra – Scorpio clash but it seems that the Scorpio people would rather have preferred it, so I suppose it was time to set out the way that it does not have any meaning or purpose but takes up all my time and makes a complete mess of my finances, exalting criminals, hoodlums and extremists, to arrive at a point where it decided that security was a supply item and it was more available to public figures than it was to those who sought freedom and that it needs to influence others with the actions of criminals and pass exams in school had also made it one, whilst it is simply what they want to do with their time and show up here to build a shadow over me with it, banging away at me everyday to ensure that Clients and partners thought I was not the best place to be, killing off a Bookshop operation and shooting off the big mouth in public places about a social and personal life they possessed, which was used to decide where I ought to be socially, ultimately that it shares my privacy with the boys from the streets and builds communities that will finger my bum and eliminate the social link between them and me in order to ensure there was no evidence by which their behaviour could be argued against or countered, which they claim added up to some sort of gaslighting gimmicks because it was what it was doing with my time and not its time, to hardwire twats that will show up to run me down all the time and ensure I did not get anywhere with my career. The outcome of the stupidities hanging about with a sense people thought they were low lives who spent their time getting about with criminals but were financially better off, to get involved with my Bookshop professionally, or I will burn their pride and joy as well. Apparently the fringe society Scorpio was enlisted because it was assumed that a Libra would be vulnerable to it and they continue to suggest I am, whilst in reality, we know that school bully’s big brother does get beaten up by the bullying victim itself in some cases where it works out well enough and the idiots were not given so much public support each time they showed up on peoples personal lives to pull victims in several directions and hang about in the middle working nepotism that made them increasingly healthier while victims got sicker and sicker by the day – it builds it up this high all of the time but the idiots were also other peoples children as it were, says it had a community behind it and we have since arrived at a stage where it will need here as it were, with the greed mad Aries who has not tracked down those that were gaslighting and practicing narcissism on Aries as much as building me a community that got to enforce what people wanted me to do for them all was of prime importance, getting all over it as well.

I am told the core of the matter was a lack of co-operation with the opinions and views of the new King of which there really was none but this is not the first instance either – Washington said everybody else was complaining when the late Queen set out that their real purpose was to get into a fight for others and when they returned got more fighting somewhere set out for them, that they were freedom people and now Washington is the big stick tackling my career over claims my Books contained power by which to get around public matters and if the public owned copies of it, the power will dissipate and yet I have not been given an alternative income source, while they complained about the abuses everyday. Here in the UK, the new King has not set out what he wants, he has taken them in like some sort of poison, any response from me in his interest will up to a process is laying at the hospital with an antidote in the blood stream, which obviously does not make the social and public problems that may even threaten his legitimate claim to leadership go away. Then there are factorable facts, like the times he is heard saying they fought my wars and I needed to stop complaining whilst what I am doing was more a matter of the idiots looking like teacher did not intervene at school and they could never stop handling me, so I needed to put words in their mouth and avoid exploring stupid ideologies – like the time it was clear what would happen every instance they messed with my concerns when they clashed with some extremely dangerous criminals and in some cases Russians but the new King made out I am the one making trouble – then my party piece where it gets to build me a shadow so it ran me down for every single thing I said and every time I moved which damages my finances because clients and partners thought I was not the safe place to be and that it might happen to them if they read my Books on account the threat was issued, this is the part where we had again lost sight of the way they were always a thorn in the side of Law enforcement, so we arrived at a stage where we  got to think that Law enforcement were doing the wrong thing but having been we were the ones fighting crime and Law enforcement was there to help us win it, there was no evidence we had taken up greater responsibility. I mean we are in the position we are because when I worked a wealth equity public image to keep the violent orthodoxy under control, it seems that when some people got around with the social activities of criminals, their connection with public figures and people in authority was enhanced – I mean those who perform such deeds and I got to use them as PR I did not have to pay for, did it because they were taking revenge for an interest in my personal space to get rich with popular culture which wrecked my academic pursuits and finances, meant that I stuffed them with what I know, so that I got to put words in their mouth and avoid exploring ideologies I should not, their own was plan stupid ambition that currently was not expensive enough for their stupidities and the involvement of their fame idiots was some sort of gold digger gimmick. I have had enough of it, all needs to get involved with my Bookshop professionally and cease picking up my assets to make its own money or that nonsense that provoked and counter provoked, attack those who were not fighting back and counter attacks, to shoot off the big mouth on Media will not suffice.