Eventually they suggest I made a mess of everything I encountered, not based on reality naturally, as it was more a matter of haemorrhaging in the middle of the day whilst engaging with somebody important because Celebrities were running abusive gimmicks behind your back to integrate your public image and Royal Office into their own social profiles. We have arrived now at that stage where it needed to continue taking up sacrifices I had made to achieve what I wanted, as the means by which my success is delayed and an indication that I expected my success in the sense that I was entitled to it, just as much as I have now picked up my own campaign where anything to do with Celebrity decadence and anything detached from direct work that a celebrity had done, should either not be paid or any paid money should not end up in their possession and if I can in real terms. It has always had this plan, it is the main stage by which it worked on my degree pursuits to ensure I dropped out of University years back, during that time, its main face was a need to arrive at a point where I suggested that they had stolen something from me to make their fame while I was a poor person compared to the fact they were wealthy – they have continued to do applicable damage everyday since, while blabbing threats associated with claims my actions produced outcomes where their lives were incomplete despite how wealthy and important their stupidities had become.

I am told it was unusual that I was not affected by their actions, just as much as I never talk about it in terms of its criminal content. I do not talk about it in terms of its criminal content because of the risk involved in interfering with the work of Police and Public enforcement officers, so I have to view them as an indication that Law enforcement is being done properly, so they always needed to show up around my concerns and pick up my public image as a tool that helped the world make sense of the reasons they made terrible personal decisions, especially with respect to what Police does to ensure a crooked person had approached life in a straight way, their prize then was the idea that my delayed success implied I was entitled to it and have built a global stage for such nonsense. I am supposed to be affected in terms of the way it was a public transport operative, so each time I stepped outside of my door, the career publicity was completely trashed and its children were popularity truants at school, whilst the media only needed to get by the hurdle of passing exams at school, at which stage none could peddle an accusation at them which would have made sense – currently they were convinced that there was no way that I could stop their gimmicks very badly if I have been issuing applicable warnings, so the idea is that I am supposed to look bright and shinny when younger and as I grew older, I could not shake off the image of a street low life no matter who I was, for their part, it was the image of the street low life, that they now have to live with currently as it were.

I have made it as easy as I can, it needs to make comments about its own career on Media, building bubbles for criminal activities by which it got to run peoples lives with the left over of social lives that belong to criminals, shut down all the gimmicks that produce outcomes where clients were so fearful of engaging with the Bookshop as they thought that it would wreck business for employers if they did, their Celebrities may continue to build communities that will attack me over embarrassing activities and smell issues when their stupidities causes me to haemorrhage during the day, it is never going to set the stage for how an approach to ending their stupidities were devised. They do claim I made it up as I went along which was not in anyway linked to reality - what has occurred is a process where I stopped, I stopped due to the Politicians having brilliant ideas about their gimmicks at my expense, whilst the risk of heart disease for instance was lesser if I was instead engaged somewhere with a fun gimmick of my own that involved a process whereby I tried to catch them all.

They claim most of this is happening because I had taken up a neighbourhood unbecoming but I did not think the bad neighbourhood was as much the problem as their abusive disrespect was, if I am a character who had a public image that people got to handle in the courage of public work, civil activities such as celebrity and fashion etc, the abusive disrespect has simply continued to such an extent that criminals had joined in, involvement of the criminals have now limited how much access that they had to me all together and their blabbing suggests that I am facing vengeance for it with a big mouth. They do claim that unless things like these happened none would have found out characters like mine existed but it is a matter of me getting out of my Hermitage, then my own social life, after my own public life, after various privileges, to annoy myself well enough to say I then got into their part of society and set about getting into a fight with them, when it really comes down to it which the main issue is still that it cannot keep its hands to itself. Currently it claims I denied what is happening to me, just as much as I claimed things I have never done – what is happening to me referring to the way my career, finances and even social life had stalled because of them and I felt sore all over, which I suppose leads down the threat of a situation being locked down, of a type where the answer for all problems was to respond to the question of whether celebrities got away with the business of pushing insults at me because I was too much of a coward to provide them with a response. The matter of claiming things I have never done on the other hand being rather a case of their interest in my personal space because other people told them it was a nice place to be, about which it is clearly not anymore because they fucked it, with a big mouth, hence this is what I have done so far. In the end I am not so unusual, it is a real question on the survival of the human race, the kind of social life and public image which Celebrities possess, it should not be an issue, just as much as it was okay for them to do well for themselves with it, provided it is not a threat to me, as I would think they were saying that they had set me out as a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy and left it for dress well, self-exhibitionist abusive sex workers and gold diggers, so they could live in neighbourhoods where they got to dress well and run people down all the time, provided it had not developed into a question of whether their families were doing the National service in this Country, with intend to make an example of them for the interest in my concerns, never mind picking up my privacy to share with YMCA and other street groups as part of a profile built for me and the criminals whose social lives they ran my concerns with on Media, so they could run off communities that will finger my bum, not yet showing whether cracked up out of my league had done the worst thing that he can do yet as it were. It loves those insults about the way I picked up things I could not do but we know if I attacked them I would get mobility and if I attacked the stupid children, I would get privacy, if I decided that I wanted to fuck them as well, to make them spend more money and then spend more time on the famous, I would solve my problems but it simply does not get done as a decision making process in a cold Office because it is being disrupted by famous idiots. Top of the insults was this gimmick that crashed my finances and get me to work endlessly without results, applying a sense that my Books were meaningless unless people accepted its purpose was linked to the fact I am Royalty, so it sets out a crowd that will channel insults at me and make me prove it until I lost everything I had, whilst it got to spend the Royalty aspect of my life on itself. Such a mess of Governmental diplomacy is made as to suggest that it was a matter of demands made of me by Americans which was utter nonsense as I am aware of a need to place American interests at the top where diplomatic matters were concerned and my Book was published by an American Company.

I am informed I never have spoken of these matters in context of what they really imply and that I have never addressed how afraid of it people were but people are afraid of it because they are not exposed to the fact that their social lives and public image was a question mark on the survival of humanity itself – it is a process of saying there were areas of government activities which were not declared to the public and could be used by people who had access to media presence to black mail the authorities into a social disposition which allowed them to appear as conquerors of great enemies and tough people that can do tough things. In my case specifically it had developed a need to pick up my assets and make its own money, having since arrived at a stage where it consistently brings up the point about criminals being better people than I am until it crashed my finances, to which extent I withdrew access and the fight kicked off as they were not accustomed to being denied, since developed into sociopaths ripping up my finances as a sign of their nature, when they destroy things they loved. So, it becomes this education on the difference between the sociopath and the psychopath, the former always having a need to get involved with people’s personal space and gain a socio-spiritual upper hand, the latter being more prone to perform serial murders. Here we talk about the former because it was a classic case of rolled up sleeves, rolled up trousers, loosened Boot laces, walking around in the streets at midnight and raping a woman, sort of characters, always tackling me to put up a sense that it could predict everything I too was capable of. I have been asked if I am aware of the importance of what I have said here, same case of what I had been thinking about before I was 16, before I was 18, realised I could keep the sociopaths who at the top end will get involved with Government and start a civil war if prevented from enjoying life if it be for a couple of minutes, while the psychopath was likely to seek popularity from murdering people, away from my career and finances, also had a capacity to teach others to do the same as well; since I returned to the UK it has been one abusive thing after another developed by the Blair Administration and since picked up by other politicians, to ensure their civil rights included an access to my personal space. Now we have arrived at the stage where get so entitled to public security that you get yourself into so much trouble even the police cannot help you out with it, then when you see other people keep trouble makers away from the career, make a statement about their right to step outside of their door by getting what such persons thought about it behind the back, into the victims bedroom because you were making the victim serve your entitled famous stupidities, will not give it up and find the effects amusing sort of Media had taken centre stage and are also now tackling me for the fact the sociopaths and psychopaths took interests in my career with respect to their activities.