I am told my opinions about the matter had not been cleared up since I once said it was amusing when I found somebody made a video on the internet about the way they did not have the time to go into methods by which a bunch of Tories created a Prime Minister, a few days later I found another blog which said that over 300 Tories were unhappy with their Prime Minister and it added up to 300 Tories being unhappy with the Prime Minister they created. I am aware of the system working in a manner which facilitated a process where one Prime Minister resigns and another was chosen as a function of party leadership, to continue the manifesto which the public voted for. My point has been that they were such a mess, that the Prime Minister resigned 44 days after being selected using the legitimate processes and rules. So it is clearly a matter of the stupid people that have found a way to run this Country, Truss has resigned because they needed to access activities of some individuals who had developed an equitable process of seeking economic interests in areas of the world that were not traditional political and diplomatic allies, they wish to perform a get rich quick gimmick with it and garner more money for themselves – we are not even done yet cleaning up the mess made by their need to do the same things with the activities of financially successful illiterates, in which case they must have realised by now that it was impossible to run peoples lives with social activities of criminals that were in prison and so they were restricted to doing that with the social activities that got them into prison which was resolved years earlier. They do claim I am not in a position to go up against them which it utter rubbish, I am perfectly fine and they need to keep away from my earnings and personal relationships or they were about to find out for the purpose of their social stupidities going into the future, especially the hoodlums that cannot keep their hands to themselves, that asset maintenance was not such a difficult thing to do, even if it got them weeping and wailing. The difficult situation I have ended up in is nothing more than being run down and twisted into a difficult corner by famous idiots who think that when there were communities that fingered my bum, I will get to work for their stupidities in the process, whereby it does rather appear that when I stopped their famous people’s insults, it will all go away too. The part the Americans played in it being the good old case of claims what I did to keep them off my career and finances was a suggestion I had won great battles which put brave peoples exploits to the shades, once done making a complete mess of everything here, it needed my privacy to build restaurants because it realised it had to eat thereafter, using the help of FBI and CIA, where it appears it will never do the fucking job properly as well. They do claim I made them the way they are which is also utter nonsense – what happens being that their need to run their lives with public development funds made them the way they are, as they used it to boost their incomes at the market place but then set about wrecking mine for power, so there was not taxes for the government from me whilst they took money from the coffers each time they paid their own, hence my license to do whatever I liked too.

They then suggest I liked the zodiac sign predictions but did not like criticisms which is utter nonsense – they tell lies about it all the time, such as the claim Libra is lazy, I mean I do not argue with the fact our personality is lazy as it is tiresome to see two sides of a story all the time but likewise is it not our responsibility that others cannot which adds to the tiresomeness while they complain about the world around them, building up to the part where we are always tired and would fancy people refrained from activities that churned the tummy and kept their hands to themselves, thus came up against people who would never do that, wants a better world, hates a Libra, none could make sense of it. Then there is the claim we failed to take control whereas asset maintenance was not such a complicated matter if Celebrities enjoyed extracting their own incomes from my asset and I was fed up with the gold digging gimmicks, the problem being those who read the star signs tell the lies to make me work for them and not to draw attention to the way that I have tolerated the insults necessary to arrive at a stage where you were extracting an income from other people’s assets. Then there is the part where they claim we were cowards as well, utter nonsense as we were always tired and if we did not make ourselves go to sleep the tiresomeness of our personality would knock us out, hence we are able to sleep with hell raging around us, besides the ability to hold on to a feeling and deliver grudges, where by you can decide in two minutes whether you want to get back to when an idiot started interfering with your sleeping patterns and sleep off the problem until morning when you will have a lot of time to deal with it, hence a libra always slept well unless my employer decided otherwise when not complaining about consequences of its own lifestyle. They do claim it is superfluous to say that our personality was lazy but we were not and it is utter nonsense as we know for instance that I could get out of bed to decide how my Books are to get into the hands of my fans and their community croons will pick up the violent orthodoxy of their popularity insults to make a case out of areas of my personality it had gone from sharing disrespectfully for beauty sleep, onto the part where it shared it with everybody free of charge, which then clashes with my Book sales and leaves me penniless on the day – they claim it is a problem that cannot be resolved logically once done with the insults and hoping I was weak enough for them to build it up to a stage and then tell me the community was not a problem, I ought to stand by and lose all I had, so it was important that even if it was a problem that could not resolved logically, it was the so called evil eye as they claim, when they show up here they pay for and read a Book, if they were keeping their own incomes. The alternative is that I am set to stop it very badly, the case of mainly Scorpio men who lived in a world where everybody thought they spent time getting around with criminals but were financially well off, using my time abusively, after which it says its need to handle my personality explained the reasons its stupidities made those statements to say Libra was its bitch with a big mouth, the understanding of a bad thing being that it is goon sometimes lip flapping with a personality that created a social and personal life which exists to tell others where to be and how to exist.