They claim they have been setting traps for me and are surprised that I survived them – it is utter rubbish, the main problem is that there is a degree of disrespect that allows some incredibly stupid individuals to make good of the idea they were men enough to walk into other peoples concerns and use the service process as a tool for telling me what to do with my entire life as such. They were incredibly important but I cannot have 10 minutes of not having how far I will go to ensure my Bookshop was successful underestimated, by idiots picking up my service process to create a version of me that their stupidities would feel more at home with, especially when they were friends with vaginas, not ten minutes without a bunch of idiots spending what I do to engage with Clients on gimmicks that suggest it was the product of a men’s world that their stupidities had built, to which they were entitled, crashing my Bookshop as much as the former but the most destructive have to be the ones who say that they cannot get by a day without handling me and not long after which they pick up my earnings to make announcements on Media about young millionaires they created from idiots who did as they were told, leaving me to hang around somewhere haemorrhaging cash in the course of pursuing a daily concern and it is not up to me to decide if I had them shut it down because it is an instance where people were more powerful than I am. The big mouth is such that the stupid children who were so entitled to public security they got themselves into a level of trouble even the Police could not get them out of, were busy picking up my earnings to punish me for keeping all the security to myself, shooting off that big mouth like it had a better reputation save the one where it was incredibly good at looking for trouble. The core of this problem is that it continued to pick up my assets to money by, especially at the entertainment industry and it is the fact those products had to be sold we ended up with a process where its life was so stressful it could not get by without handling me, thereafter which it picks up my income margins and makes its stupid announcement about obedient young millionaires that stupid men created around here – it needs to pay for what it uses, pay for the Books or stay away from it. The history is one in which they picked up equity I built up from statements made on crime which eventually produced results whereby I was able to ensure crime was cost ineffective, set about making their own money from it, spent ten years of my time on vengeance for the criminals that had been disrespected and shows up here everyday to make a mess of my Bookshop earnings because it and its famous idiots were entitled to get involved with me whilst I had become disrespectful enough to withdraw access, the part where it then ran my life with the social activities of the criminals until it hurt its bottom and issued threats at me being the funny bit that was likely only to continue until it was not funny anymore. They speak of underlying issues and yes there are, companies getting involved with public work office and smaller companies getting involved with those that did, other companies getting involved with an ecosystem that helps them validate their position, so I am meant to create a world where it was clear people made some sacrifices and worked for what they had while their stupidities spent time on getting it easy, hence they were meant to enjoy some success but no part of it was supposed to be permanent, tallies with a system that flatters wrong doers on the lives of public leadership as tough people that are known for doing tough things, which as we can see works well no issues at all, save it has been too difficult for the Heir to the Throne to either respect or let be an instance where they were not allowed to enter into a social state of affairs where their financial successes were an advantage over other people, whereby it is never clear, the cluster of stupid men and what they show up to perform in this place, why HRH gets out of his way at such pivotal points in his life, to make other people’s existence so difficult. They do come through shooting off the big mouth that it was war and I had difficulty living with it; reality of course is that they loved fucking around with my work and nearly created world war three in 2022 between Russia and Ukraine – it has been a 20 year career mess for me and unprecedented history of abusive disrespect here, so it needs to find a toy or I am now set to fuck their stupidities over properly with it. The blabbing is usually as good as any instances where I had not taken so seriously, their stupid need to make a mess of my finances and put the feet up in tourist destinations, to pass insults at me that a bird will carry around the world. They do also claim I am hateful which is utter nonsense - their first and original instinct towards other peoples careers, is to fool around with it; this gimmick, practical jokes and accusations whereby it gets to engage with the wealthy because it makes a mess of my concerns is not the only one I had had to tolerate and will not be the last, it is currently the most annoying: we had to listen to that nonsense that it was about the way I had to make them proud by being competitive but as far as I know there was nothing wrong with my mind, just despondence associated with spending too much time with them and their famous idiots, which clearly does not make people stupid, this and my childhood injuries making it impossible for me to do manual labour, considering they had since decided the University environment ought to be a toxic place for everybody else, to pass the exams and turn up on the radio waves and Television Media tearing up peoples careers to pick off what victims did for recovery as self-improvement.

Eventually we hear them declare that I did not like them very much but this matter as a prognosis of people that may be liked or not from the history they have here, is one in which 15 years back, the abuses which have not yet stopped, subliminal messages were picked up on the streets, on the way I am meant to be homosexual, so that black women may feel powerful. Since then, I have built a life with other people and ended up single at 42 by 2022 because they turn up in each eventuality to make their own stupid statements, having since arrived at a point where it shoots off the big mouth about owning me, when it is not dead yet. I do not consider the matter a crisis, just a point they raise all the time – overall it is a bunch of idiots at the fringes of society into which none had consigned them, picking up other peoples concerns with the help of stupid lying politicians, to improve their lives and build a more decadent existence, the tummy churning issues in civil activities were entirely a product of their superiority which is unusually unbearable regardless of a feature which showed the idiots knew not what to do with personal and work relationships or what to do if they faced a dangerous situation, only gimmicks about which people had done work on public security and certain areas were to be kept secret being the main thing that causes their salaries to transform them into bullies, as stupidly as possible. I do not respond to them and more so in a way that will get me into trouble with the Law because they are evidence that Law enforcement and public enforcement officers had done a great job and interfering would mean that the results did not appeal to Government operatives and Politicians. That said, I do use them as well, especially when I need to make a cluster of public statements which ensure organised crime was making a loss i.e. the similarity between the two when organised criminals make statements that the police were just people who thought they could walk into another person’s business to tell the business owner how to run or shut it down, in their case however they put it down to competition and capitalist market (should be noted the idiots who buy their gimmicks to consummate the idea others were people to be bullied when they got about with the wealthy would not like a public profile which described them as people who were known to do so but they consistently do buy it, Americans will buy until I lost something important and if I did not, the continued process of buying it will create a self fulfilling prophesy at the market).

The claim is that I am some massive victim of Royal family Politics, reality of course is that the stories which build up to such nonsense have nothing whatsoever to do with me but it does actually lead to results where I will find myself at war with stupid men because I am sore all over. The distant violence they work with this nonsense usually suited them and the cracked up out of my league media appearance stupidities that go with their gimmicks, according to history. It really starts working for them over claims they have been fighting my wars but there has never once been an instance where I was at odds with communists and they went off fighting on my behalf, it has never happened in their stupid lives, regardless however, my position which supports the fact that I am not interested in their addiction to handling me and stalling my Bookshop, as access to my person had been denied and they need play with and make the stupid comments about their own careers, is that each time Communists were off screwing with my concerns it was another opportunity for them to get into a fight, supposing they wanted to keep it going. It’s the same as they claim I am entitled, they use the statement to pick up my assets an income margins as part of a business gimmick that helped to ensure some people had financial well being and others did not, which is incredibly annoying, but we also know that most of their own betterment is now built on detrimental activities which affected my health. The real world however makes a completely different story i.e. other people were entitled because their stupidities owned cash intensive investments whilst we know that my main problem is that distant violence which looks better on them when others are doing it to their you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues stupidities along with the fools that make the media appearances for it, so I needed a thrift that allowed me to engage with Clients extensively, and therefore clear out issues associated with their distant violence building up to a sense that my place was not a good place to part with money or a good place to buy supplies, as this case applies, Books that people wanted to read. There are other still running charitable investments, if I am entitled, then it seems that they will go to war should the charities make profit.

They do claim there was a hidden aspect to all this and yes there was, the destruction of their show business on my part – after the end of some work I got from the private security industry between 2015 and 2017, activities were performed to show they will never give me a break by themselves and I have been waiting accordingly five years since to pay my way in the world like everybody else, as soon as the male population stopped daily practical jokes that were channelled at my public image, my career and the Bookshop itself. I now have to get off the business of imploring them to get their sexual narcissism popularity idiots off my back and cease running my life with social activities that the action of criminals had left behind and begin a campaign to ensure Celebrities never came into possession of any finances they had not done direct work for – should we continue and end up on an equal par, I will burn their show business and make good of it too.