I am told that I blew the roof off for war which is first quite incredible as these gits never do stop telling lies. Then there is also the implication which was a matter of the fact that it was okay for Politicians to get idiots who do not wish to get a job, as it was preferable to show up on somebody else’s life to count pennies until they magically ended up with millions at Popularity, otherwise the victims of such behaviour were discriminating against others – we have now arrived at a stage where it had all become such a big problem but whilst I know if I build them a profile the same way they have picked up my social life and my Bookshop to build me one that helps them handle me, I will crash their economy, the gits who continued to address me abusively on the matter while they have not got their own figured out, needed to show that they were able to do something similar, just as we are aware they will never make the correct decisions at public, civil and national service because they were part of the problem but it simply feels so much better as a response to the abuses, that I demanded it. An old story of the way a bunch of gits who spend a lot of time getting into a fight with others, wrecking careers and taking up people’s time whenever they were done pushing themselves against the wall, because they thought that whether they lost or not, they would gain something from the fight became stronger and better at sorting out public matters than an Arch Prince was. It is not really a crisis, just one of those issues that bring to bear the fact that Politicians probably liked the way that their parents washed the hands off them and the Politicians had spend tax payer funds to provide for them in a care system, as it seems that their need to plan their lives as a detriment to economic innovation, to plan their lives on public investment funds and to develop their careers through socially displayed narcissism was something that the Politicians could not live without but neither have I ever seen their behaviour change when nothing had been done to attack their financial wellbeing, it needs to stop handling me or I will perform an act and never face consequences for it. I have been told as well that I never really raise the point about what ticked me off on the matter as a whole, of which this was a good opportunity to, where we are talking about the fact their interest in me had progressed from things they needed to do to make Police officers so annoyed that they were groomed into a position where racists got the better of them or gangs recruited them, top of the list being the abusive and insolent processes of interfering with Police work and Police work results – the part where a top civil service operative thought that a particular thing was what it was not and took unnecessary risks, while it returned to my concerns to fight my battles thereafter, getting on nerves every day. I mean the idea at this stage is that their stupidities controlled the system, which would not have been such an issue if they were doing the job properly, then there is the Industry part of it where there is rumour of sexual assault around my concerns, even though I am very well aware that people had unusual sex all the time, they could never keep it consensual, so that a bunch of communist trouble makers may show up here and dig them for information too. It is not unusual to see people at the security services succumb to their fear of death, at which stage all they did was about self-preservation but they can see when others had taken responsibility for certain issues, like when their need to work the fear of death gave way to a process where they allowed information to get into the hands of civil rights people who would have harmed themselves with it, then handled the process incompetently, I mean the blame was laid firmly on the doors of those who never took the job seriously and thought that if they got messy enough, their own safety would be guaranteed but when it plays into the hands of industry gits that take up my career to play back and forth gimmicks that churn my tummy with blackmail until the career meant nothing to anybody no matter what I did with it, which issue I resolved, they are not so affected by fear of death that they had to damage this too, especially considering how much they were doing about the destruction of the natural environment or women having careers wrecked to make them grovel for money and sell sex for daily bread.

They claim it would be nice if I took over but it was an old story as there is really nothing to do – all is going well when a bunch people who planned their lives on public investment drives and various other forms of corruption, eventually end up in a position where they were off to start world war three, I mean world war three is a bit extreme and we had to prevent it but we do love to see them get into a fight after another. In the end for my leadership on the other hand, public security operatives do not have the same life as the rest of us, as it is public work and a bid to integrate when they were not doing public work, I want the work I did on public security, as tidy as I set it or those who continued to make a mess over claims that they fell in love with the statements that public security operatives and service personnel were able to make, were not complaining enough. It arrives at stage where it was clear that Celebrity involvement with my concerns had no meaning or purpose unless their queer people had replaced public enforcement officers from local councils but each time it is quiet an entertainment industry producer will pick up my assets to get rich fast again, at the same time complaining about previous products that it produced in such a manner as the way those products were patented to their names, which is clearly not my problem as there had to be consequences associated with the idea I am a character people bullied to get around with the wealthy instead of a wealth equity public image which women got involved with to make products that a bunch of people that never stopped fighting others with money, could not resist. Much the same as it is also suggested that I am failing but it nice that I am optimistic, I could never make sense of it as what is really happening is that I have to rebuild everything and for everything I rebuild they stole and created a perverted version that they can claim is making them money because I attacked them, if I had not yet devised a way to deal with an interest from entertainment industry producers, that was so terribly bad for me and left me haemorrhaging and losing money all day long, especially when it had gone quiet because it was clear to everybody the reasons I pushed away the Celebrities who never stopped getting off their career path to pick up my earnings and make announcement of the importance of their lifestyle as a matter of personal and financial success, after which they pick up my assets to make money again, claiming they had created products by picking up my assets the first time and had patented those products to their names and had to sell it for the rest of their lives, how it encouraged them to pick up my assets again which beats the imagination, save I made sense of their stupid ego. It does need to address me properly and cease to interfere with my Public image and Bookshop especially during working hours, considering the danger is now one in which there was no meaning or purpose to Celebrity involvement with my concerns, unless their abusive queer gits had replaced public enforcement officers at the local councils. We are now living in a world where I interfere with Police work and Police work results for amusement, take up important seats at Government, I am on the other hand simply making the most of some stupidities where they needed my wealthy equity so they built me a profile as a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy and conducted vengeance on behalf of criminals on my public work to pick up my earnings and make insolent announcements on Media everyday i.e. it needs to stop interfering with Royal Public image and Bookshop, especially during working Hours.

So eventually we hear that the claims of cowardice on my part have never really been settled by me – I could never make sense of what is really a process where a bunch of incredibly stupid people felt they were so entitled that they walked into my life to make me get into a fight with other peoples that were bothering them on account they thought their jobs and the income in their bank accounts made them so important that it was part of their civil rights. What they say is that they did this because they endured the same behaviour from public security operatives and local council authorities which makes perfect sense, no idea why they always thought that I had something to prove. This has been a matter of hurtling down a rabbit hole to show up at the backyards of Industry and prevent people picking up my careers and earnings after they trashed my University studies, since which they found out those people had money and that money would be shared if they tackled me, nobody has yet been able to explain exactly why the famous idiots preferred to organise their careers in such ways but I think that the next time it continues the insults that allowed it to get involved with my concerns unprofessionally and garnishes it with tales of claims on my part that I am able to handle them whilst I cannot, I too will begin a process that allowed me teach them lessons they will never forget – I believe I will be inclined to set out a list of ways in which they can avoid a behaviour that creates an outcome where I selected a neighbourhood to set up shop whereby I had stopped afterwards while their stupid needs, needs associated with the filthiest aspects of their stupid career and that of the ageist gits with industry on their minds whenever peoples children show up at academic institutions, local criminals and antisocial behaviour twats, turns up to take precedent, at the same time they force it down our throats that they were important people. I will be inclined to set out a list that showed each abusive activity aimed at drawing me out to be a cowards will only end in a process where the only thing between me and them is that I can take them on until we met for it, I will be inclined to ensure that every stupid comment and gesture aimed at continuing a behaviour that interferes with my Public image and client interests at the Bookshop will be met with a vicious response that ensured they understood they were meant to pay attention to their own careers and cease activities here which ensured every fool who had a history with law enforcement and the local councils shows up here to perform a process associated with a stupidity again and again. In retrospect, it does this gimmick when you find yourself at the backyard of Industry, preventing people picking up your career and earnings, making you a hate figure designed by media because you provoked people who had money and may be inclined to share with them if they did, back forth, back forth until my career does not mean anything to anybody, no matter what I did with it, without giving thought to what those who invented such behaviour used it for, whilst there was a crisis of people being murdered by boardroom decisions which were also responsible for the destruction of Natural environment, whereby in their case, should I cause them harm, I will have attacked something that was doing an honourable job.

I am told that what I did then was a betrayal of all I stood for and my social class. It is utter nonsense naturally as what has consistently taken place is a need to put up the abusive questions which needed to be answered to matter what – they said they were poor because wealthy people stole from them and we have proven that this was untrue, they said that wealth and social inequality was a product of how much money people were born into and we have also proven it to be false. What we have proven is that they loved nothing else but to adopt a position which helped them connive in some way to make another person worse off. Eventually always explained clearly when the need to tackle me as a means for self and health preservation gives way to claims I do not even acknowledge the existence of racism the way that I ought to – whilst the main problem has been their need to adopt a social disposition that allowed them to destroy other peoples lives and property for powerful social gimmicks and were clear they will not cease to interfere with my Public image and my Books especially during working hours, continually whipping the neighbourhoods into an opportunism based abusive frenzy on public media; this was a social disposition that meant what a racist said about what they had done sits well with the law for up to 60% and mine sits well with the Law for up to 90%, the assumption I suppose being that they had over time successfully worked hard on me enough to ensure that a business of my career being a dangerous place for people to perform such gimmicks had been averted. It was a position that was explained away as per the idea I did not think that I needed to be accountable to any whereas I am simply not accountable to them, as the people I am accountable to at the Monarchy would only behave like them when demon possessed and requiring divine assistance. Here it is said the idea I knew little about the Country was wrong but this was a simple matter of people being able to get on; the Lower classes would play up practical jokes and their need to dominate others with power will see them pick up those practical jokes all day long, whilst they were not successful illiterates who thought those that tried to run them down were already on the fringes of society for their gimmicks, they will make the statements for the fun of it and leave the people who were in a position where survival required such statements with nothing – likewise the middle classes where some issues were a bit too much for people, such as violence on Children or domestic violence, they usually pick it up and make such a mess of it that what is done about those issues achieved nothing, had no meaning and had no purpose. Where I am, the assumption is that I thought the bottom chasing issues was the worst that could ever happen but they were things which occurred as a process which caused those that were involved with government to say there was a tangible thing done to ensure that public mobility was maintained – a single mother paying high rent bills was able to live comfortably without having their movements interfered with, the sort of issues that come to light and to which public enforcement was therefore applied when the Queen rides to Parliament to announce the manifesto on the elected Government. The problem is that they have converted it into a tool by which to catalogue people in the neighbourhoods and split them into two categories of which one was to be famous and which one was to be a bum, maintained by a system of abusing people to befriend the wealthy, which is an affront to Crown interests as it is not their neighbourhoods and have developed a very recent habit of informing me I had lost money at my Bookshop due to my attitude of disrespect, whilst the real me had enough social standing to prevent subordinates at the workplace, converting an environment where they were responsible for workers in their care into one where they abused people all day in a bid to get rich fast – the civil disobedience of continued interference with my public image and my Bookshop being the best thing that ever happened thereof in the circumstances.