The claim made mostly is that I am frustrated upon being unable to make people I got involved with comfortable or happy and this is because whilst those people were out of my league, I never stopped getting involved with them. The truth on the other hand is that I am presented a choice, where I had to be nasty, abusive and disrespectful of others in order to keep my career and finances, at the same time which the Celebrities were always disrespectful of me, such that it is the disrespect itself which has come to make them financially better off over time, whilst I am not actually responsible for the reasons that they were unable to pursue their concerns in safety and security. I would have solve this problem in terms of running my own campaigns about the reasons for their safety and security problems being the connection they had with the criminal community but American Politicians too often play up these sorts of gimmicks, so I would rather prefer that they got round to the problem, after showing I did not deserve my Office because I refused to serve them in Military activity but even gangs and criminals were brave enough to – they had my congratulations for it over 11 years ago. I am rather more content with the business of pursuing the insults by themselves and if they are complaining about me, the solution is still as simple, that they got to keep their white lie comments and gestures, restricted to their careers which clearly makes them so disrespectful because it gets to their heads. So people would say what I describe as white lie comments and gestures were actually incredibly abusive practical jokes and yes they are; something about me having defeated many armies and they needed to get people forcing me to serve their famous stupidities in the same capacity ripping up my Book sales, something about the way my Books were meant to cover their arse ripping up the sales and leaving me penniless, so impossible then to say the same thing to the same group of idiots who preferred to issue their can of worms threats instead of cease the activities, over a period of 6 years without consequences. They love to boast about it all the time but clearly they are asking me to make decisions on the matter as if they loved to exert their civil disobedience on my career whilst they got the same level of Police protection as I did, which meant that they had an advantage, they were asking me to tear down that advantage on grounds that the white lie applicable is that I am responsible for a premise where the State gets imagination up my bums, of which if I did, they would not need an expert to tell them that I did as such and I would get away with the effects and fall out because they were bigger than I am while those who were smaller would never stop hurting themselves – the worst case will be the instances where they were mad enough and I was angry enough and then they stopped being bad people at my expense because it came to a really big crunch, usually an example of where their famous, media, society and popularity bullying stupidities stops. As for the way I got myself caught up in it, the story has been a case of what I think I will get up to if they were to tell me that all efforts of preventing them getting paid for being popular on my social life and public image had failed – then it will really have been my fault from then on.

So far it has been a matter of picking out a bad neighbourhood to write Books by and a need they had to turn it on me and make a grand case of the smell issues that look good on them with a media bubble, boasting about controlling my finances and issuing threats at me for it everyday - eventually they have come to look as though if I tried anythings I did at this stage somewhere in their well off neighbourhoods, I would be crushed and it goes all the way back to how not being abusive and insolent generally drew interest from them such that there was a gap between me and a media bubble and all I did to clear out the effects of popularity gimmicks exhibited at my expense would be passed off as another persons career. They claim my Books are poisoned chalice, which is utter nonsense as it is more a matter of what they had since made the Books into – a process of showing I had done intellectual property administration work for Clients which developed a Public image to sell the Books, generally producing results such as outcomes in which Celebrities then set about claiming the Books were meant to cover their backsides when they got around with criminals and were meant to set me out as a character people bullied to reach agreement on business, which they preferred to a process of working for their money. Getting back to the beginning of this story, it started with my religious belief and their involvement with me because of it, having assumed it would be the modern type like their own, soon it gave way to my inability to get along with being groomed into a position where I will be willing to do anything for money, never stopped following me around to make a mess of social life and career since but earlier it normally claimed it taught me all I knew and hung about at a distance pushing me into trouble with the Police. Since then, it had developed into embarrassing things I had done for which reasons I needed to forfeit my career and had since settled in on distant sexual abuses either way it liked what I did or did not like it, so I feel as if I have not got any clothes on all the time. Now they claim the money made had since made them more important and I am complaining about something that actually works while I was in dire need of its benefits.

I could really do without it, especially this outcome involving the business of getting into a fight with people each time they wanted to feel special is what is really happening and I have been hounded for a decade and a half so they might use me in that manner, therefore it found its way back into my career through a Media bubble and is inescapable. The story is one of people who complain about religion, laying claims of ownership to parts and body parts of people who are talented and moral, the obsession is such that there is some form of physical activity which makes it very difficult for me to manage my Hay fever. I am told this is an example of how little I knew about women but I know if I fell in love it would never have happened with somebody that expected me to get into a fight with others on her behalf – women do not do this, the idea is that since it is what Celebrities and Popularity gits thrive on, you will be handing them your family to fool around with and make the most of. Same as the story that women wreck peoples career which is not true, playing out in terms of these goons having ideas on how to take advantage of those who knew – so we find them get paid to wreck peoples career and we find the Men that set them on that road reward them for it at the expense of the victims, those who claim I am wrong being lesbians that need get a sticker on the face and stop getting mixed up. Generally which we know they show up on my public image to assassinate the personal happiness of those who dare to get involved with my concerns all the time and then responding to the financial damage will show how much of it was their business in the first place, never mind when it grows into the idea their own relationships were a threat to my well being which results would be a divorce if I worked on them as well. I do not worry about it too much as I already know what it is i.e., if there are men hanging about with ideas that somebody ought to invent a new Country, they can do whatever they liked in, such women will be their wives, mistresses, and Children, hence the insults do not trouble me at all because of this knowledge. It is like the Celebrities have always wanted to trash my finances, have always told tales about what they were really doing and could never stop telling lies, whereby all these sorts of things I have described here added up to a process of securing freedom from the State. They claim the pressure they put on me is such that they wished me dead but then I suppose they were also saying that they could not do it successfully in the opulent neighbourhoods, thereby following me around everywhere. It goes beyond those insults building up to the stupid picture of their vagina being stronger than I am as a matter of statement which suggested they were out of my league, leaving me to tidy up as per how many psychopaths do we have on the streets and how many of those are thinking if they killed a woman and buried her, they will have her for the rest of their lives - it grows into that nonsense that never stops about a bunch of idiots wanting to be able to win an argument against me, concerning which they had to invent an argument in the first place, follow me around for it and when I play along complain on National Media, getting to the stage where they are a step away from stating in their CV that they insulted a person and a boost to their incomes was the result.