They speak of underlying issues of things that happen in secret at the security services and my effects were seen all over it, deciding how they handled me because they or their relatives operated public transport and worked some society etc. The reality on the other hand is more a matter of people fingering my bum as part of a gimmick where they got to make use of my personality, while the Celebrities picked up my public work and income margins to make their own money assisting me over claims I did not know how to look after myself. It is exactly the same kind of social glue system that keeps terrorist organisations together, considering this is not a terrorist organisation, I have not been given a real reason I am always writhing in abdominal pain and the smell continued no matter how hard I tried to keep my privacy private, then there were the famous idiots shooting off their big mouth in public places endlessly for the effects of their activities, five years I have been waiting for them to move on all gimmicks associated with a method of getting me to fight everybody who dared to annoy or tickle them, because they were incredibly important, we are now heading towards outcomes where I got to stop it and did so very badly.

Some people have said there were good reasons to stop people labelling me a coward but it always does such things and had fabulous ideas endlessly, until such scenarios as the Queen does not expect you to pay more attention to public work, as much as she thinks that you expect others to fight your battles for you, then we will find out what they were made of as well. In terms of the reasons they had to make a mess of my concerns all the time and the question of whether my world was this murky; they had reasons to make a mess of my concerns all the time because they thought that they always needed to do something corrupt which outcome was the loss of other peoples lives and to succeed, they needed to build a corresponding profile for public service operatives in whose interests wars, conflicts and loss of life were not, so they can build mine, especially when history shows enough had not yet died over it. My world is not murky either, it always needed to make statements about what happens behind National security scenes after it coverts its interest in my activities into something which emphasises the element of fun associated with a process of getting out of a cold office to engage with the public on foot, as a product of public recognition, access to which for the purpose of Celebrity culture, was a better option to getting job for a living, it had converted it into something else and it needed to meet other people who converted things like that all of the time, on my account.

This is really all about a bunch of stupid people whose lives were developed on the ways that public investment funds and Government development funds were to be spent, so what we have had is the stupidities of Political activity led by Americans which shows up here to vouch for a process where the real heroes at the security services got to make sacrifices to accommodate them endlessly – thereafter shows up here to stifle my finances, play practical jokes on me and build up distant contact gimmicks that grow into an ability to get imagination around my private parts because its stupidities felt the work it did at Government Office was inherently dissatisfactory and does this every day. So it is not pleasant to as such but I really enjoy revelling in the mess that Americans were leading around here, it is always worth it. In the end, the idea is that I was always untruthful about the real state of my condition but I am not - I need to clear out this nonsense in order to concentrate on more important matters, like the fact Celebrities have progressed from setting me out a character people bullied to get around with the wealthy into something of a need to pick up my assets for money making which crashes my finances and leaves me with tummy issues, then get around to their foolish fans who would happily attack those who sought subservient activities from them, considering that they were the really famous people, hence a problem that had become more serious. As a whole however I had a wealth equity public image and these activities have shown that I appear to have adopted a state of mind which suggests that it was for granted, same as my Court and Coven, these having all become things that I now had to work for, tend, pay a lot of attention to and defend - as I mentioned earlier, I have waited for the idiots to move on so far a tune of five year period. It is all an opportunity, as it is impossible to say that if I were in the area to tackle stupid celebrity fans who help their famous idiots pick up my earnings, there was no way I would want to walk away from gits with money to fight others by, who continued to make a mess of my social status and shower me with insults because they thought their stupid money ran the world and there was no way the way out would not have been one of seeking a show down with media fools whose opportunity in life was to tackle me on behalf of the wealthy people I disrespected, after running that stupid career like something that needed to collect all my business incentives and save it at the Office to win advertisement contracts by.

They do claim I am a character who wrecks my life to blame others for it which is utter nonsense – it has taken 7 years which is more than needed, to develop a platform on which I could inform them of certain activities targeted at my concerns which are so bad that they cause clients to walk away from the Bookshop over fear that business for employers will be ruined if they did engage with it but nothing had changed. So we are now looking at such options as I will have to think of the method needed to free up time, well enough to say that the Celebrities and society gits were the only things that I got to work on, which we all know is not a good prospect for them going forward but I am not being given any more choices here. On the matter of behaving as if I had all the time in the world, the reality is that Celebrities always sell their souls to the devil to get rich (which is the way that the business of picking up my assets to make money and finding excuses to do with what my State provided security did, as a means to say that it needed to show up on my public image and ask questions on how I will cover its backside, until it wrecked everything here), no idea where they find those juju characters that do strange things with them in secret places, as will facilitate career success but it was all meant to be hidden, save the part where they get to clamp my income margins to tell me they were bigger than I am and I am now thinking about making them the sole thing I had to work on, with a specific need to make a point of their moral and spiritual wickedness, nothing to do with the Church or religious points of view like they suggest it is. Then there is the benefit of behaving like that all together i.e. Politicians always invent ways of making the most of abuses from society peers, which is supposed to ensure that I spent a lot of time at the jobs market but did not make much progress with my finances, there was a smell issue and questions about sexuality, while they clung to my social life and public image, effectively wreck my career to ensure I had to do the career as a lay person because it was fun, then there is the follow on sense that there were rules preventing me from taking action where upon knowing that they build up the violent lasciviousness and it is so abusive and intense and garnished with a need to see me without my clothes on because they wanted to be able to access my private parts as a community, I was not allowed to move them away from my concerns due to antidiscrimination rules that were being enforced against me – so it seems that we tended to end up with a scenario where it poured into the same crucible as that which the Celebrity gimmicks does and when it affects me I put it up as part of a profile for my Bookshop, so even if they wanted to get away from it, they could not and I was therefore the only person that could make good of the situation. I do concede that they had good reasons on this basis, to prevent my Bookshop from being successful but it is not their Bookshop; in the end people can buy anything they liked if they had money and I had arrived at the stage where I needed to decide what I wanted while what I faced was more a matter of the things I did with my career which was of benefit to them, setting the stage for the punishment that befell me every day, hence also people think I should have been more proactive on this matters but I think that they were better placed to do it instead, as I am not at their disposal to pay for every gimmick celebrities invented on the idea that I am a bird in the hand, they are free to get it done if they were not too busy putting themselves in charge of matters they knew nothing of, to shoot off their mouths on media and get complicit with rogue landlords that Celebrities enforced the practical jokes by. When it really comes down to it, I think that the idea that my response to gimmicks where people wrecked my career and finances, then hung about somewhere performing all sorts of nonsense that were meant to be seen as an attempt to fix it, finished off with more damage and a process where they became more decadent with media and celebrity culture as I was consigned a problem for the civil service, were confined to people who did not have enough financial power to face me down, is utter rubbish; first of all, their problems were all a function of getting involved with my career unprofessionally which is incredibly disrespectful and should not be followed up with complains when affected by activities of Celebrities and Politicians besides the fact we were doing this because they would not allow me finish University concerning which their gimmicks are now being tackled manually, then of course is the part where they were wealthy enough to know where their money was located and needed to stop picking up my income margins, unless they wanted to openly declare that they were so wealthy, they could not tell the difference between privilege and stealing anymore. It is a Bookshop and displays Books for people to read, this is what I do as well, to be considered in terms of when their own gets to their heads..