I am told I have gone too far and needed to stop, I wouldn’t say I have – too far is making such a mess of a persons finances that he lived on government support for a decade after you made such a mess of their career that they dropped out of University, on account you were afraid of the market but had to become a wealthy business person, as stupidly as possible. Going too far is when they say that if they stopped their hearts will be broken and they will lose the will to but loved to get younger people calling me names at the same time and when I had provided them exit not to run it off when I am working for somebody and to stay away from my Books, they had such an ego that they could not accept it. Like the Politicians have said I played with it too much, taking it seriously would mean every single gimmick, every comment was met with a vicious vindictive vengeance on my part, which behaviour will be extended to their business ventures and distribution systems as well, it would be the right thing for me to do for me but I am not doing for me at this stage, I am working at this stage and had to assist clients and brokers with difficult markets – speaking of which it is not clear why I complain and they complain but my wealth equity public image is handled like something which showed I was too stupid to know how to use it, converted from a process of women building products to sell to goons who spent money to make trouble for others, into a social profile which makes me a character people can bully to befriend the wealthy and the effect when I worked with clients to mitigate matters of difficult markets is profound in no small terms with respect to their nepotism and insulting stupidities with the big mouth shot off all over the place being displayed, then there was the idea that some client and broker engagements were straight jackets and their stupidities could be mitigated if that part was worked in terms of instances where I had a mistress and it was picked up by their self-seeking fame idiots too, first time I ended up doing embarrassing things with my own life was the time their stupidities were working apostacy on my religious convictions, it had since moved to the career as well, with a big mouth – this is going too far in my Books. They do make those statements that I am infantile and annoying, which leaves me unable to respond as most of my actions described them – eventually we seem to have arrived at a crisis point in terms of the bigger picture which some people have described as a development from a process where we paid taxes for infrastructure, to a result where we paid to live on the planet all together and were the only species doing it – here in the UK government revenue was mostly gained through tax so it had an obligation to develop the population but when we do the work of thinking about playing the game as well, whereby it would have been impossible to get a git who wrecked the economy lending money they did not have to work more hours and harder on account we were trying to recover from a recession but there was no way to pin it down, although they could pin down the workers and make people below them work harder, hence the method would be to ensure such people understood their business will certainly fail because they were incompetent and it will fail when they failed to sell products at a market price, however the Politicians think that when they screwed up others are meant to bail out leaders from the mess and the communists are now doing it for us with India where most of the neighbourhood violent lasciviousness they described as evil eye and law enforcement corruption paired up with insults from famous fools is developed and meddling Russia being the biggest economic beneficiaries, while it shoots off its big mouth at me on media making a mess of my civil enforcement efforts and watches me to finger my private parts on CCTV as far as its stupidities can get.

I am said to have talked about it because I have fought to recover it all, gotten close to being 100% successful, which feels good as running off the mouth should be done from a standpoint where it can be backed up. At this stage Canadians who are known to have the best template for local law enforcement on the international scene and the Australians who are our Western Equivalent of Chinese Trading bloc believe that their efforts were being ignored, of which I think they understand I have point it out on several occasions for my part as well. They do claim I underestimated how much danger I am in which is utter nonsense – apart from a sense that they believed the purpose of their Political leaders was to find something of mine, new and available to make money by, as abusively as possible, they then became a group of idiots who believed the purpose of government buildings was to find an Office that allowed them to attack me, while their famous fools tried to do the same with Media jobs, I believe I have been clear about reasons a group of people who rate at least a 9 in a scale of stupidities that ranked 1 – 10, needed to stop running off their insanity at me while I worked for somebody and needed to stay away from my Books and make comments about their own careers, before I too got to pick up a process that helped me stop it badly. It is nothing to do with hate, just that these government offices and media jobs were the means to breach my patents, pick out the damage done and keep the damage rolling in the eyes of the public day after day, happy to do that and tell me I could get my patent margins back if I did something to protect them or make them rich, if their stupidities were not paying the bills (they claim it is a shame I worked for people but it is a social life I had chosen, it allows me to access instances where they used the workplace as a tool to run people down and get rich fast, while their stupidities spoke of changes at the Monarchy that would help them make the most of it - besides which for ego reasons, it is an activity associated with paid employment and not work, considering employers cannot say they were responsible for my security, I simply had to do it for myself working with the systems available to staff in their businesses). The idea peddled here is that I talked big but it was not clear if I could make it happen but there is nothing to make happen, just practical jokes people think would help them make money from my sense of personal security and my income margins and I have counted 10 years of living on government support for it, needs to avoid running it off when I am working and needs to stay away from my Books, these are easy enough for people this stupid to understand. The other side liked to look like everything I said pertained to their hands, therefore I felt sore all over each time I said anything, complaining about fighting my wars and shooting off the big mouth about parts of my property that their famous idiots could keep - we are talking about insults associated with the fact people did public work and were furnished with state provided security either way, therefore was something their stupidities would share my privacy with the boys from the streets and build communities to finger my bum alongside some stupid tin can feminists, such as they will acquire in hell thereof.

To keep the Job, I am entitled not to end up in harms way because it pays their bills, even a child could make sense of this.