We are now faced with an eventuality where it is suggested there was a huge crisis in the east of Europe but it is a crucible for those issues where the Government thinks certain public matters were better resolved at Government Office and the process added up to a discrimination against a certain group of people, at a point where the Government had decided the episode was consigned to history and the groups that were discriminated against should be befriended, there was a new problem associated with gits who ran off their own gimmicks on people they had designated as profitable targets for discrimination which they then ensured their interests in such persons got everywhere and was so messy that the Government was saddled with the same issue all over again and the character designated for discrimination were better dead. The cause of what we find in eastern Europe was their need to run their lives on government funds but the real crisis has been the way that successive American Administration have led from the front, to let down those who came up with processes to assist – in my case specifically, I am meant to get off the business of preventing them from straddling the gap between Industry and Government, about which I had done so well, I worked and developed equity for administrative processes to identify and handle issues associated with their interest in the security services, I am now meant to get off all this and get into a fight with Russians, as directed by my American masters. I could never tell how they supposed it would turn out if I had to find my equal in Russia for such a fight and the assumption continued to run, that the American president will not one day be required to get into a fight for National security. I do know however that it will never happen but with respect to the crisis, this is the sort of mess that the US is leading from the front – so some people have suggested I did not factor in security matters and the way NATO worked which I have in any case, so we can see that even if there were the kinds of Americans that will ensure the Government was informed about privileges they thought they deserved for fighting over other people’s freedoms, it did not warrant either policy to force security service operatives into making concessions that will accommodate their social needs time and time again or to drop the ball all the time on overseas partners that were helping to build policy that will control their interest in Government funds. I do not think it is a crisis from here, I can tell which one was a real security service hero and which one took their industry to the military for instance and would not take long to make it out and develop ways I can help manage the issues that had arisen, the problem is that the people who could not do this were the ones making a mess. I am then informed that there was racism written all over it but I did not think that gratifying it with talk of racism is what I wanted to do, it is not important to me to work in that manner; the important facts are that in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, we do not say we were either on the side of Americans or Russians unless we had superpowers and I certainly do not have one of those – it is as such the only way to assist Ukraine i.e. ensure they joined in with our diplomatic disposition and we kept the Russians off their door step together, more so in a way which recognises the threats a big powerful enemy next door posed. The Americans always say we were pacifiers which we are not, it’s a matter if separating public work from fighting as much as I knew that none wanted me to spend my talents making their lives difficult, which is what will happen if we ended up in a situation where the Queen was asking if people were standing around expecting others to do the fighting for them – this is the delusion upon which their dress well, self-exhibitionist narcissism is based and it needs to be channelled elsewhere as the insults are sickening and the USA is not in charge when I am trying to work with people who have spent their money on innovation to drive economic growth, in which condition Americans decided somebody had to fight an enemy for their masters in Washington, so Russian Oligarchs who ended up with more money in the coffers because the same American masters have been draining us lending money they did not have among many other economic gimmicks and abuses, had decided their economic interests were everywhere thus Americans were not masters where their economic interests were. The point here is that we are losing time and it was important now that they had a history of nearly creating world war three, that the business of the public getting on with what is really important was the priority, as much as what I have said had suggested that somebody was sorting it – I need not explain that Communist economies peak and standardise very fast while Western economies did not peak fast but was prone to risks, which were worlds apart in the first place , suffices to say that we can now rely on Washington to spend money on the gimmicks of superiority gits and rely on superiority gits to get into a fight when Russians were posing a threat.

They do make the statement that it was all cowards talk which I understand completely but so are we aware that when the society gits show up here to make a mess, claiming money was king and I decided to push them into a corner where they spent it on products for personality maintenance, which boosts local economy and market, they always showed up with some stupid Celebrities to fight my wars and ensure the society gits got profit from it as well – it is all very well blabbing, when the fight starts I will want to win it as well. Then again, it does seem that if we were done exploring the way that their madness never stops and things have happened to me, my bum being fingered and so on, we are left with the fact that they cannot show us a single instance from Europe and Asia, to Africa, Middle East and South America where their counterparts get killed for doing something clever, it is never the stupidities that get them losing their lives. Such that we end up in a situation where it comes up with a new abusive test for everything I did to clear it out and sites what state provided security did as an excuse and a reason for it – where State provided security would because a soldier understood, that these sorts of abuses were social glue for terrorist organisation and probably had enough of their gimmicks; for my part however they claim instances where I make a conscious decision to detach from their abusive gimmicks and the way rouge elements get involved with the social lives of Politicians, which feeds into work being done to control terrorism, security services apparatus and overseas security structures, made me a flesh man, right down to the business of corrupting my social media so badly that I can no longer work it as a starting point for making the internet safer for younger people as intended, whilst my Bookshop had crashed all together and I saddled with what can be classified as the least desirable fans, it would claim that I complained but what happened did for a reason, yet never stating clearly, who started the stupid gimmicks. The culture and society bits building up to the part where a need to show it is the stupidities that get them into harms way, will develop into something of an action to ensure it stopped doing things to me that it did not have the right to do, hang about picking up my income margins while telling lies. They have eventually for their part arrived at a stage where they said we had developed a lot of hate for Americans which is utter rubbish, as we had since made progress on the madness that gets people assassinating publicly elected leaders in the US, while here in the UK made progress on their wealth and social equality matters to such an extent they were provoked. In the end, nobody is consigning them to the fringes of society and we did not see the contortionists who could bend their bodies in several directions, having ended up in the fringes, complaining about it either – what we have had is a process where they were now the people running the American Government, so the abusiveness had gotten completely out of hand; I should say I am not likely to take it up to the part where I built them, their distributors at the businesses that got to their heads and various other interests a profile that will ensure it appeared wealth and social inequality had never existed until I came along, unless I absolutely had to, unless I ended up in a situation that meant I could not get into my own clothes and go out to meet people, as they keep running off stupidities that got others picking up my career, so their insanity was something I faced intensely for every single moment that I stepped outside of my door.

We have heard their agitation to be on the part of Americans that we British seek power we cannot sustain, while the rest thought we appeared to have showed up everywhere – reality is that this being the first time they had begun to communicate, what really happens is that it needed to make a statement about the size of its country by copying any Industry creativity or innovation, knowing it was a local engine for growth. So it all develops into a gimmick where I get to explore how much time it took to resolve the mess and then one more for the hassle. The implications naturally being that if the UK was a Country and it had a job, it would have lost the job but somebody had to mitigate the part where an angry unemployed country broke in through the window and they woke up to being watched while sleeping in the bedroom with a baseball bat in hand sort of picture. I am informed it was nice to know that I had it under control but I always have, this is all patch work for the unexpected, they were supposed to be the characters that made the popular culture subjects when people got involved with wealthy equity assets at my public life, being passionate to a degree when the Police got involved, until the Celebrities decided they were nice people and I am a low life trying to rub shoulders, made a complete mess and I had to start everything from the beginning.

It is then suggested that I spend a lot of time messing around on these matters and have never been seen taking the seriousness of the matters that have affected me to mind but there is really no need to, it is the same personal life parasite, problem transfer media and Celebrities feeling entitled to governmentally provided public security. Where I am concerned is that I am now in a situation where I am so exhausted from tacking up the issues associated with setting up a Bookshop and then having to defend myself from idiots who show up at the fringes of society, to which nobody had confined them, where they got into a fight with law enforcement every day, because their role involved the business of assisting industry twats to claim I was making money from a shadow cast by their large companies in a bid to grab my market and avoid the work that paid their salaries, so I looked like somebody that was worse thereof and not the place people wanted to be, while the dream of grabbing my markets were continually worked by their immoral society stupidities until they actually did – a condition where for instance global business Coca-Cola had 20 persons show up to pick up and distribute their products and I found myself in that situation fending off a process where people picked up my career, since last they got me dropping out of University. I am now very exhausted from this and cannot find me the energy to pick up some legal, sociology and business texts as reference point, go into battle and say that if media bosses cannot control their tackle me to provisionally situate oneself to be rewarded by Industry idiots, I had pushed back from my income margins staff, I was going to do it for them. Hence it is all good the boasting for the time being and the name calling, and the abuses and the mockery associated with their low lives building communities that finger my bum and have never once showed how any of those genocides overseas had been committed against them for doing something clever as such, just the relentless stupidities that will highlight how profitable their wickedness was. We even hear them claim that it is due to the way I got off tackling the people while their stupidities for two decades now, are the only people doing the fighting in this place, looking for a response and have got a big mouth for it too, when it had not yet developed into outcomes where I thought they were the only things I needed to work on, fi I wanted a successful Bookshop. Here I am said to have adopted a very simplistic view for the matter but there is no further complication to it, generally the understanding is that they underestimate that I will burn their careers to retore my clients interests and the public image of my Bookshop but it is looking the part currently where the outcome will be that when I do, they would claim that I did because I envied their success. It is the same personal life parasite problem transfer media, getting itself into a level of trouble that even the Police cannot assist its stupidities with and setting me boundaries where I cannot get out of my home to attend to any concerns because I pushed people away from my career to avoid damage and they were entitled to have what I had done thereof – an alliance with rogue landlords had been forged, when I keep people off making a mess of the social life especially considering how it is linked to the career, what people think of my actions behind my back is brought into my bedroom and used for distant violence that ensured I was not the place that clients wanted to be, crashing my finances while they kept their incomes and a record of how I responded, to spend on their stupid selves later on.