They tell the tales endlessly that the reasons they performed their abusive gimmicks was to do with the way that I presented motivation after motivation which encouraged people to do National service, of which I wouldn’t know anyway, what I really aware of being the new found ability to get to areas of town they previously would not venture because they had been exploring my civic duties that they passed off as their own achievement, therefore arrived at a stage where it was possible to become a group of very upbeat twats. The real problem here is still the Media, the said problem that I bandy about all the time does not exist i.e. people banging doors and walls, what has happened is the media sharing my personal life with criminals and hoodlums, to draw up a link between my private parts and those activities and put the pain of it in my mind, finished off with a business of getting low lives to share my royal personal space and enjoy the finer things thereof, feeding into some sort of civil rights victory i.e. I appear to have showed up on the scene to hang around somewhere fighting for my income margins because the patents had been so badly breached by a bunch of fools who dispatched hoodlums and quasi criminals to share my personal space and price open my doors for their stupidities everyday, finished off with a need to get up on public places and exhibit their stupid selves for the purpose of hurting me: it talks too much about chances I did not have, needs to keep the mouth shut and read a Book when it shows up near this one as it were. The sole cause of this is that I had finished preparation for an Intellectual property administration career, so they decided they were going to help people declare access to and ownership of my career using their media jobs, had no connection with their own jobs, they were not paid to do it, they were not given instructions by their employers, I have now counted six years of fighting for my income margins like this everyday, then it shoots off the big mouth as well and tells me its stupidities taught me lessons about the protection I got from the State being used against them. It is not the first time either – first was the business of just deciding that I had created a Bookshop, its stupidities was afraid of the markets and needed people to finger my bum for it to end up with the incentive of my enterprise at its foolish red button fingers, for the purpose of winning advertisement contracts, then it moved on once it had done satisfactory damage, to a case of punishing me for the wealthy people I had disrespected because I found myself hurtling down a rabbit hole to prevent people picking up my assets and tackling my career, now its just daily vindictiveness, abuses, transferred violence and a business of asking hoodlums and criminals to share everything I came up with as a social gimmick that plays into their plans for wealth and power on a stupid media job – the cause of it is that I had misplaced my projects on public transport and since last they got their hands on it, regardless of the fact that I had a copy, they will build a crowd that will destroy my very existence in order for the stupidities to make it their property, then again it still cannot be that hard for them to read Book when they show up here instead of show up to make trouble and shoot off the big mouth fighting my wars while complaining – stupid men and tin can feminists, need to read Books when I show up here and I think they loved it when I used their career publicity to make the announcement, if they will not comply, it is not so difficult to make sense of the fact I may end up teaching them lessons they will not forget in a hurry for my part too. I was the one doing the discriminating before it got this bad, now we know the people who came up with such clever ideas have not been able to ascertain what their stupidities were doing and we know that it will not comply with required behaviour for my career and Bookshop if it continued to enjoy a guarantee that I will not wreck the tin can feminist and stupid men finances as well.

They do claim I have not learned to conduct my affairs without getting involved with them myself, which is utter rubbish – the reality is more a matter of the fact I conducted my academic pursuits and arrived at a stage where I was tangled up with the social lives of the people in authority, and found myself crossing paths with some female journalists, so there were other female journalists whose social lives were simply annoying and these male idiots were making announcements about corruption of involvement that can be conducted into my personal life for their own career advancements, about which they knew there to be consequences but I was not significant enough for those consequences to apply; this was therefore the natural way to get by, the mess they have made of my finances now mean that I had to recreate the environment by myself. I am told I have made so much of the failure that occurred in University but in my view it is really not the end of the world, I mean it is a very serious matter about which I am thinking I caused it and therefore cannot make sense of the role they had taken up but then again apart from a need to cling to my social life for money making and working with lecturers to make the environment toxic, I have realised in terms of providence and the reasons things happen as they say, having completed a diploma in Law and business admin, that if I completed my Law and economics at the time I did, I would have ended up off-side as they say, I would have failed to play fair most of the time. In any case I am only interested in the academic system when I had arrived at a point of working my talents, where I needed tools, I needed to know something more, not when I needed a job like they do, we had to tolerate that big mouth all the time but their part of society speaking of class issues, was the one in which corrupt Police Officer were sent to be rehabilitated and I think it shows up here to make a mess for me all the time because it loves the way I pick up its career publicity to make the announcement that it needed to share its comments else where and read a Book around here. We are here solely because it had taken up the task of helping people to a sense that somebody had stolen my career and shared my earnings on account that it needed to feel more important than its stupidities really were via a media job and then we arrived at the stage where it continued to pick up my assets to make its own money and people thought I enjoyed getting hurt by its stupidities because I had not responded, to leave us the only option of moving them on having to do with an interest in my assets especially when there were third parties involved such as Clients and brokers, and there was therefore no matter how much I needed the money, anything left to tell those who were going to help me make it of things that could be jeopardised to help me get by because famous idiots who enjoyed perverting my public image into a claim I am a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy had stolen everything and now will not stop the stealing no matter what I owned and more so owned at my expense. It will then claim that it was all happening due to Brexit whilst we know that whilst Brexit occurred and they moaned about it, they have not been able to establish the connection between running people down while people were at work, interfering with peoples assets and working social disposition for their narcissists to finger peoples bums in an environment where there was no evidence they were doing it, called gas lighting and a process where a successful business man in Europe had to mitigate the fact that there were hoodlums willing to attack people randomly on his behalf in the streets. I have mentioned something about stopping it badly and the idea peddled, that I will getaway with doing so, was based on the sense these fools knew me as well as they suggested that they did; ultimately when I engage with people in Europe I am not looking for them and we know that when I wish their stupidities away, therefore provided no responses, students get murdered in mysterious circumstances.

On one hand they say that it was curious how people ended up getting caught up with them the way that I have, on the other it is said that there was conviction I did what I did out of fear, both of which are entirely wrong; I did not do anything out of fear as it is more a matter of resolving their need to explore my civic duties in order to be braver, by taking the Law into my hands, therefore it was preferable to stir up some matters intensely enough to ensure they showed up complaining and we all wanted to know what the complaining was about. The matter of getting caught up with them still bears towards the one thing, the one thing of a need to say they were bigger than I am and if a violent situation existed, they would pay a greater price than I would, therefore they had a personal and social life built on an access to my privacy, showed up fighting my wars everywhere and decided they knew where power was and where I am meant to end up, whilst complaining my version of popularity was a dirty one. It is a simple case of working intellectual property administration and ending up befriending managers and CEOs of large companies, thus they were the things that happened between us – the idea that people ought to comply with their needs because they might use their disposition and their interest in me to perform actions that affected businesses negatively is usually only peddled by Americans, who later show up here and I have now counted 6 years of getting out of bed to fight for the income margins because the patents were so badly breached, due to the fact a bunch of famous idiots existed and their understanding of my career is that they wanted to be the ones doing it, to cover their arse, before then even the business of claiming criminals were nice while I spent time rubbing shoulders with them was not beneath their famous gimmicks – every time I responded to their famous persons insults the amount of relief I get from the abuses is immense and I will therefore have to make time to do something that will stop it for good as well. The matter of the way these people worked to make a mess of businesses and finances was mostly due to sales men trying to avoid consequences of own personal decisions as well – we know they claim these idiots had a right to build a life on access to my privacy and a process of telling me where I am supposed to be with it in order to decide that I complied with a sense of where power was located on account they were informed of the fact some markets were difficult markets. In the end these gits always complied with what market wanted if a product was good enough and everybody was engaged with that products, more a matter of statistically sufficient people engaging with a product – it would argue that I am a fantasist but we know that currently my idea of a bad thing was not one which suggests it can be good sometimes, so that I could become its worst nightmare with respect to its personal and career relationships, all the way to the tax man, like the mess it makes here, knowing areas of its personal life that it enjoyed the most was the place to make it comply with what market wanted.