There is talk of how none knows what I stood on civil rights matters but I stand no where as such, we know that if there was a real civil rights issue they would turn out to be a bunch of complete losers who took up the task of providing leadership for others, only when there was violence to which they were unable to respond, do we get some responsibility and told to do less. The pattern here is to dismantle everything about my social life which suggests I should have clothes on my body when I step outside of my door, it follows me around to do it at University until I dropped out and has been following me around to continue since then, never mind the radio wave lesbians that never stopped running down my personal relationships. The pattern is showing up again, where the idea I had no clothes on in a society where racism can jack in the box people at any time, had paid off for the racist who since got involved but I have been threatened by their stupidities because they were affected as well, same as their civil rights leaders who went before, great and small, we now have something new but the old problems about which they appeared to have provided some sort of leadership is one in which we now have to pay a huge price to give them a benefit of doubt. It is always disrespectful and at the end of the day we could run off a whole scenario in which its need to put itself in charge of what it knows nothing about and the result where I am sore all over because it cannot keep its stupid hands off my private parts so it may avoid using its stupid brain for a change, we know the outcome will be that I set about rebuilding every social scenario which suggests I ought to keep my clothes on whilst they found a way to work every stupid thing they could with my career, making sure they were the people transferring any violence and abuse that they had to deal with towards me, if we ran off this whole scenario, we would only end up in a situation where it was clear the purpose of this gimmick was to build a crowd which decided how my talents were used and since they got to lead such a crowd, it would mean a crowd built up on my door step to make me serve them due to the fact they were lazy. The first time around I responded, the outcome was a global stage complain about me simply over the premise that there were limits to how they could handle or use me, when I do respond the next time, I have no idea what they planned to do but their big mouth have got it all figured out. Always seen hunting hospitality that was set out for Politicians and other public figures, the Politicians especially whose work was fundamentally tied to party and parliamentary whip processes, it does this because it needs that Hospitality to cover its backside and show up on my media equipment running me down all the time, on account it enjoys a sport of finding out secrets about the work I do and construing it in public places to secure interests that its media and famous stupidities deemed to be more relevant to its needs, as disrespectful as this sounds we continue to live in an environment where people are shaken up by abuses to suggest that an Arch Prince would get into trouble if he said the things he had been saying, where it really mattered, the entire time I spent most of my time writing Books, of which it could keep its mouth shut and try to read one, boasting about the way that there were people who matched me in their profession, whilst I already had to grapple with the fact these abusive activities were performed because whilst they were unable to cover their backsides and were always hunting hospitality that was designed for Politicians, I am the inferior person, whilst I am the one working processes that supported people to build up finances before their 50s so they could respond to society abuses, they were the superior people and it is insults like this killing off my finances, so the other fools who are currently no longer able to protect their famous fools from me, might think they were a match – we know that it spends most of its time wrecking a Bookshop, even when it had to develop an alliance with criminals to do it, complaining about the fact the Bookshop belonged to an important person and it was no longer able to protect its famous fools – a step up from its insults building up a sense I had been beaten down whilst it simply helped me to decide what my diet would be, it had since picked up an alliance with rogue landlords and corrupt private security to send out its petty thieves to run me down all the time because it had a problem with the diet, like it was paid to start in the first place. I clearly have no means to stand up for myself or tackle them as far as they were concerned, I had no idea if they really believed the way it would play out would be a process that involved making out a sense that I ought to get into trouble with the police which will cost me my status and office, whilst it dispatched its petty thieves to share a living space with me and run me down all the time – what has informed the idiots of what I am really like was the business of deciding that if the armed services fraternised with me, they would do so as well, to show up here taking off my clothes to finger my bum and decide what a crowd wanted from what I could do, they claim that people died, I organised my career in a way that caused others to take more risks with personal safety and I still want more.