The public scenario that we now faced, was one in which there was claim that Politicians regularly stumbled on instances where they realised it would have been an acceptable course of action, to do something about the way I continued to mess with people who had done better than me in life. It is utter nonsense naturally as we know what happens is that our dangerous birth date idiots and their famous fools had abusive societies and media to play with respectively – so one part had developed long standing plans to ensure they spent their youth being tough and just in time got the other part which was the Media and Celebrities to share fame fortunes, the problem is that I ran my trust on a low key to get it done properly and they wrecked it so they could run me down, call me names and cling to my public image for my social life and income margins, so I am now in a condition where I have spent the youth being tough and must now compete with their publicity to recover my finances just before retirement, the stupidities of it is that even as we speak, it will not keep the comments and body language stupidities away from the clients and Bookshop, so whilst I am really not in a late success state its ego made me one. They do claim the disturbing aspects of my personality is that none knew what my agenda was but the details were simply that I wish to replace their famous idiots, who are always seen doing stupid things with other peoples lives whenever they were making money and if I lost my mind and killed it, I would be known as somebody who committed an assassination whilst everybody forgets they have been suffocating me for years – I need to ensure that everything which made them relevant was being done by the Bookshop hence I did not need them and I need to ensure that I ran the Bookshop in peace by setting out a cluster of activities which will provide me a result where the famous despised me as much as I did them, clear to see that it was impossible to secure freedom from me whilst they continued to show up on my career for gimmicks. The practical jokes are such that if I got out of bed for a daily schedule at 7.00, it would have begun by 6.00am – it may speak of my agenda, all I need is that it ceases to involve itself with social conditions in which I had written a Book, considering that is the setting in which the Book was being sold.

They always love to make the stupid insolent statement that state provided security provoked them – in this particular matter, the role of state provided security which helped me maintain control was that they enjoyed converting the abusive involvement with my career publicity into a process of investing my assets for a living, when that had been stopped, they will make that statement about being provoked and make money by fighting communists I am said to have refused to fight for Washington to make money, which is not really an issue as it was clear that they will always make money from such nonsense as long as Washington was willing to give them the money. The part about this statement that is set to get them into trouble will be the one where I ended up in a situation in which I needed the state provided security for everything basis including the process of running the Bookshop. So far it was clear about what its stupidities hated when its male prostitution insults feed into ideas people had about prisoners of war when security services operates got captured and what I had to do to tidy it up all the time, about which they claimed the main problem is that people were fighting my wars and we could easily see that I am black so I do not feel my roots go deeply into the National history well enough to say that if I conducted activities that caused male prostitution gimmicks to build an Achilles heel for security service operatives, when teased and pushed well enough, I can be bullied into taking up National service by which I tidied it up, likewise what I did was unlikely to be effective if their stupidities were able to get me doing it instead of them, so they have to fight my wars and there was no escaping it. It is amusing for the time being that state provided security provokes them, it needs to find a personal and social life which does not include me by a deadline, especially with respect to getting money off Washington, fighting communists that I am supposed to or passing the deadline will spell the beginning of the end for its practical jokes, which now sees the public full of people affected by its corruption so badly that they felt like vomiting at the mention of jobs market, whilst its complaints were rather set out to make the statement that I hated  crowds of people, I hated the public.