They do claim people hated me and I don’t think anybody does, just a bunch of gits who have placed all their options on the table for money making which included crime, what they are now saying is that they would like people to change the dynamics of what had come to existence as series of exchanges associated with the fact that there was a time that I did not respond to their abuses and whilst they wish to continue with the abuses, they want to live in such a time – saying such things would be an example of instances where it gets to say it was bigger than I am, so I assume then that it would be happy to put its twat on the line as well. The same is applicable to the Celebrities – every mess that has happened around here is a product of Celebrity insults progressing from general abuses and a need to extract an income from my public life which felt so good as soon as they got involved they did not wish to give it up but none knew why I was always suffering so much abusive behaviour if it felt so good to them in the first place – eventually arriving at a stage where public appearances which corrupted the very concept of my publishers putting my book to market to boost their popularity, gave way to the destruction of my governmental diplomacy assets in order to make me do their bidding, to which effect I pushed them into a tight corner so their gits had to fight my wars to be entitled to my assets that they already planned to steal, about which I too could burn their assets whilst they were fighting a war. What I intend to do with the famous insults this time will go beyond the fact that 80% of the stupid ego we see them exhibit was derived from my social life which I had never permitted them to handle at any point, such that it was good to let it run for a while so all could see that each time I do not make it look like a pathetic git who got off getting paid for being popular on my social life, it becomes a worthless person, whilst every time I didn’t, it wrecked my career, pursued my Bookshop and trashed it. I need to go beyond this and do something that ensured the famous stopped handling me, to such an extent that taking control of the problem with the communists to such an extent that their involvement was no longer allowed and if it occurred would have done so at a risk but it did mention its job was incredibly important and I gave them and their opportunistic insolent fans up till the end of July 2023, to find another social life which did not involve me or involve communicating through to me from public activities and media, so that the communities their idiocy had built up to finger my bum as punishment to suggest I am the one being disrespectful and they could do whatever they liked, may show up here running me down, whilst they got to prevent me from doing my usual public control work, complaining violently, with a big mouth, that an absence of the designated work had affected them as well. They do claim I always appeared to be dead and buried which beats the imagination – we know that they think about their homes and their appearances and what people think of them which fuels their ego; I am a Hermit, I may think of my home, my appearance but unlikely to consider than people were thinking about me, so it is arguably impossible to set about a lifestyle where I got to display an ego, it needs to fool around somewhere else, as probability is that I will win the fight again.

I am not vulnerable to a huge range of practical jokes they can play as suggested either – just another group of short term wealth opportunistic idiots who wreck the jobs market even when they were employers themselves, making my career into a joke; we are not doing anything which involved travelling around, nothing local either, not even heavy lifting in work and private affairs, we are going beyond the way the public organised itself to ensure it was better off compared to criminals and we are doing anal sex and doxy society along with their famous idiots. So this matter really required a response as it has now gone beyond the abuses of middle management twats into something more serious and something which makes direct contact with me too. That I am learning Celebrities were always likely to get anything they wanted is absolute rubbish – we are in this fight because they cannot do without my social and public life, on account their own is crap but do not wish to be nice about it and had built a community that fingers my bum to ensure if they did not have it, they would wreck it, of which it seems that community had worked so hard that the bum fingering business is now part of their famous careers too, I need to go beyond this and do something more but it can bail me out as well by finding itself a social life which does not involve me, by the deadline. I do understand this story well – wrecks my crime control publicity and I want it to get another social life that did not involve me, so it travelled around the world building me bad PR. I am told there were cultural issues on this matter but there is really none, another product of lies that were being told – we were fine until the story that I had lost a wife at the Monarchy to somebody and so they were armed for their gimmicks, the men and their boys employing famous twats. It even arrives at a stage where it claimed we were pursuing their fighting skills and had no wish to be nice about it, on the other hand it keeps me worried that they fraternise with me on the streets and as a matter of my window to fight armed services, so they were fraternising with something that used to neutralise a threat they posed to fight those who prevented that threat, I always have to worry about new adaptations, which leaves them complaining of injustices I foster whilst I informed them of rights they did not have. The famous on the other hand were rather incredibly good at the business of reading my birth signs to get people born under more dangerous birth signs, fighting the way I did when I stood up for myself if being bullied, at the same time could not have enough to pursuing the hospitality set out for Politicians to cover their backside and this had meant new forms of powerful courage that meant everybody was out hunting their fighting abilities – we know reality is more a matter of the way a very successful lone wolf would pair against underdog soldiers who were working in their own team and also vice versa, in this case a matter of whether I have been bothered for a while, found a way to factorise the trouble makers and the system had armed what I had done, being explained as a trick that people who should not be given a taste of power because they were weak, deployed to control the strong. It is all doxy society and on the matter of the idea I had a way to handle it, I do, something about the way normal people think that human beings did not exist who spent most of their time working out ways in which others would abandon the career, family and finances to get into a fight in the streets on their behalf, so here we are – the other trouble makers at the Monarchy always assume that I could not dedicate 100% of my time to it, I seem to have done it better including the anal sex that comes with it, the insults and a need to build communities that finger my bum clearly have not stopped, they are now in league with trouble makers who fight law enforcement on my behalf whilst trying to prevent Police from doing police work, claiming it was a process where the law fought their battles and they lost money they could have gained by fighting it to be popular, we know that the taking the clothes off on my public image over the last person they got into bed with was destructive competition - people asking to be let in at a Bookshop, work on my part to mitigate the damage they were doing meanwhile and a destructive competition that wrecks everything around here, especially performed by the Celebrities so disrespectfully, it was impossible to simply get out of bed and write, whilst they got to suggest that my Office indicated I owed them a duty of care, not long after we see the gimmicks displayed as a marketing parameter, like clowns who were deserving of every violent thing I had in mind.