They do claim most of these gimmicks were linked to German influence and they were but it was the same as the British one where we had a ladies first public policy and it will attack women, attack men, attack public servants that were likely to do the ladies first policy better than everybody else, and builds a publicity of entitlement that shares with women who believed crime was a career, the same which it can attack whenever it believed it was no longer in control, shows up here running me down if I had not yet asked it to put the well off neighbourhoods on the spotlight for a reckoning or keep its insults where it is appreciated. The German one was to do with Germans making statements about people who attacked people that were bigger than they were because they thought there was a chance of success, it had since perverted it into a process where people had to get into trouble with the law to show they deserved what they already own. I do not consider them a major threat, it has always been a matter of refraining from tackling others only when the cost of doing so was greater than the incentive, so I have to consider that if I had this advantage but was willing to of a  mindset engage in violent activity, the politicians were correct in saying that I am the person doing the wrong thing but it now needs to keep from my Books and finances and its famous idiots need do the same as well to avoid incessantly complaining about me too. Apparently, I am always a target because their position was inferior even to a position where they were in league with criminal communities and the issues I resolved in my Books had affected them thereof but I am tired of the abuses, needs to stop handling me.

It is nothing but a bunch of gits who always loved to run people down whenever they were trying to make money, I could never tell how after all the career mess made here, I ended up in a situation where the fact I did not do the plan that was set out for my 18 to 65, in my 20s and 30s, they were entitled to wreck it or make the most of it for their own ends all together but it seems to be another rule they had come up with, my guess is that we are waiting to find out who will likely complain about it first. The threats all good when I had not reverted their famous gits back to the girl next door personality, so it may stop clinging to my public image and stifling my finances, which effect should be that I would be able to shove them up the bums of their famous fools if I felt they were being a threat. Its all good issuing the threats, we know if I want to be a threat I would make it a right to get into clothes and meet people over my career and a right to smell nice when I get there, which effect is that they will have to catch me first and then stop me if they could thereafter, generally however I have really had enough and it needs to stay away from my Bookshop. We are here because the Politicians like what they are selling, to spend government economic initiative funds building neighbourhoods people can wreck by means of a dress code, then spend the rest of life and career paying for it – the other one that did not fare so well was right wing whose ethnic minority friends show up here to get the activities of ageist gits that were just hanging around somewhere looking for younger goons they can turn into personalities similar to their own, right into my personal life and personal space, then hang about complaining about it to further push the difficult work market experience for me, not yet complaining about the racism all together as it were, its white counterparts having since decided to blame the immigrants, like they wanted to solve the abusive societies of the ethnic minorities, especially the types that had entered into the problem sampling stage and loved to fight law enforcement on behalf of those who dared to own things they did not, looking like they wanted to solve it all.

They do claim I continued to deny that I am in a very difficult situation that I will not get out of which I am not either way, it is easy to presume that money which is wasted on a bunch of idiots who burn diplomacy assets to decide who was in league with communists on account they wanted to get rich fast, was probably expired bank notes from the American National Bank but it is being used in a way which completely wrecks my career unless it got to serve a bunch of penises – I have not yet done the part where it would improve a situation as soon as the politicians and business twats lost an amount of wealth that was a percentage of their income which was equal to the percentage I am losing to their practical jokes but I am looking good for it at this stage. They do even suggest my actions do not match my position and was rather the gimmicks of civil rights trouble makers, of which we know my social media and websites were inundated with the abusive gimmicks of civil rights trouble makers and it was all their idea to ensure that I was overwhelmed by it – now we are in a condition where the civil rights trouble makers and quasi criminals got to inform me they have seen the websites and it will be put to analysis of what is bothering them, the entire time the problem was that the idiots wrecked governmental work by seeking out overseas arrangements I had made and building a media that will bully me into doing the same for them on the basis I had turned up from somewhere to change their country, whilst the same time had a history of their famous idiots breaching my patents and making a mess of my publishers business as a matter of my Books and a place where it is kept for display in a way which protects the patents, turning up to deploy the Books and information on the websites as news for the public but the entire time provocatively deployed as a tool that secures their personal and financial interests, does not tell anybody about this for all that excessive and abusive news we had to tolerate everyday, just in case a fight between myself and the media was considered at attack on civil rights either, it continues to deny the main problem was the way that it set out a premise where people who got into contact with my career were guaranteed a media presence to help them make the most of it, it denies this all the time and therefore the problem did not exist and could not be tackled. The fight it shoots off its big mouth about is set to become something about which I was ready when they were in terms of gimmicks where they wrecked everything to do with what happened when they stepped outside of their doors and then showed up here to grab mine with a crowd that had listed to their stupid accusation and were in a position to finger my bum – it is always disrespectful, it needs to stay away from my Books and keep its comments restricted to its own career, cease getting on my nerves. In the end media, business gits and politicians alike, they claim that I still cannot get out of the trap that was their narcissistic happiness that gave and kept giving at my expense, which is entirely normal as they never also tell others that they were some sort of idiots from morality sewer com spiritual wickedness cesspool. Naturally I am told they were not the real Media but I know they are not, it has been following me about for decades, where sociological matters kick off around my career whilst I am studying and it meets up with that of some female journalists who decided they could do something for me and I for them, it had since decided the women had to chose between the job and some random guy that was picked up on the streets, who had no business with them and it was a problem that was a thing that went all the way to the very top levels of media establishment leadership, now it will not keep from my Books unless I started my own gimmick of playing those media establishments against each other, considering that they always chased the same news when it comes to the matters that make them most of their earnings. It is much the same as questions on reasons I hated the famous, which was the simple fact the first decade of my professional life was spent on the idea they were entitled twats in need of money, now they have got the money and wreck my Bookshop because they wanted to stay ahead, like something that will continue to make me feel ill and perpetually tired everyday if I had not killed it. I could never understand why its problems were driven into a condition where it was solved for the purpose of trashing my Bookshop and finances anyway but obviously it was famous, it was not looking for trouble – we know it says that I grabbed their attention naturally, it is a matter that will be cleared up once I am driven to a point of retrieving my public image, leaving them to look the girl next door characters they really were, so I could shove those dangerous fans and security guards up their backsides.

The enemy suggested I was in league with they claim, none of which is said with a grain of truth, that they tore up governmental diplomacy assets in order to make their position more credible when they tried to get rich informing Washington that I was in league with communists, the problem at this stage is that nobody cared and it loved to shoot off the big mouth that I will, so I am now primed for a war on Media and a process where they lost the same percentage of income I am losing to their insults each time they did. The rest of the time it seems that every git that showed up here to tackle me had a story and my social media had become a profile for me which makes a statement to show that I have been pushing back. They do claim the difficult situation in which I had ended up was real which is utter nonsense, just a bunch of fools building me a history of abuse that I will likely bury in their comfort zone if it became a problem for me in the future - it is not enough it never stopped making a mess of my career to explain away its problems, where it got to attack the idea I had resorted to getting things done in a cold hard Office, it was building me a history of abuse as well with a big mouth. The question is one of what I would do or say if I was asked to end the fight with the famous right way but there is no fight as such, it simply had created a world where each time it got involved with an Arch Prince, it had trashed career publicity and wealth equity public image already, if the Arch Prince wishes to stop involvement it will pick up publicity outlet that facilitated financial well being for the purpose of self-exhibition to ensure it was impossible not to pay attention to their famous stupidities, I cannot decide if I wanted to shut it down and select another publicity outlet and if I had a schedule it did not work for me because another group of buffoons possessed several expensive cars and I had not yet learned lessons about bad things women did, wake up to this nonsense while the shop does poor sales numbers everyday and somebody would complain about any fair minded person. The pattern is still the same however, I was supposed to have criticised the wealthy in a bid to fight for a civil rights, so they could pick up my concerns for well being and tackle me to befriend the wealthy, once they got money from it, place the money in overseas bank account and start where they could be a paid up part of the problem. It is the same gimmick as normal, believes I do not have the upper hand which I think I have whilst if it ran my life on the social activities of criminals and built up a section of the Military that it can run by its own interest and at my expense, it would still have been its personal choice, usually people at the security services cannot afford to pay attention as the job was life threatening and the professional environment was incredibly important, until it sets out a position of leadership and becomes a threat to everybody and those who need to get rid of it would need to make the bullet five times the normal size, to prevent suffering. It is always so disrespectful in my direction that my finances have now stalled, the entire time it was complaining that it did not wish to engage in any fighting that would serve me, voting for a labour party that will build neighbourhoods people can wreck by dress code and spend the rest of professional and social life paying for it or the Tories who have always been a problem, so every direction people turned somebody had done something wrong - it has been a 20 year career mess here and this is my stop.

The Celebrities think I am being manipulated naturally but it seems that each time it gets involved it wrecks my crime control publicity, each time I want to keep it off my concerns it picks up my PR to ensure that its entitlement were being met, so I do not want them to seek out a personal and social life that does not involve me anymore, I want to stop these abuses painfully. There have been so far three separate instances of a process, a process where it shows up to learn what I am doing whilst detaching me from a certain aspect of the public, once it believed it had a footing, it begins the expensive gimmicks, feeling so ill from it that I was catching my breath, I had to brave the stupidities and do something to move them on, each time I did, it was just a break from the next great idea. The male population gimmicks that follow what I do to keep them off my finances successfully only suggests there was a real need to detach the Bookshop from these as the purpose of serving a sense of justice by doing so, is not being realised. They do then go on to say these problems were created by Italians with companies that appear to be handling my assets and earning margins without any inhibition, like I am oblivious to facts about where the confidence for the abuses and treasure hunt gimmicks were coming from - the Italian gits who have been ripping the assets to buy expensive cars they displayed in South America, working with the famous to make it happen fame financial fraud fame gimmicks, it has done its part and its my turn next, do not want them finding a personal and social life that did not involve me anymore as I now want to stop it painfully, whilst it seems this will be the part where I shove the security and dangerous fans aspects up the celebrity arses.