The point gets raised about the way that my affairs were run being expensive and embarrassing – I could never tell anyway when such complaining is coming from people whose greatest problem was the idea that my concerns should be quiet and ideologically tidy, we have now arrived at a stage where allowing it to be so was the answer for all problems but they would rather prefer to talk about temporary details as would enhance their popularity, over a sense that the stupid media jobs would decide what the truth was. I could never tell why it was so enjoyable to get others from characters that could tolerate the media abuses and the way that the Media picks up peoples concerns to share with the public as to protect private and personal interests, into people that were stuck with the doxy society, whilst they could not live with the outcome. Much the same as I could not make sense of the way that my 20 year career mess because they are always fooling around and it becomes a crisis if they were able to say that spending the possessions of the victims will allow them mitigate poverty that came later on, could not be stopped by a simple process of running a Bookshop, paying my bills and raising funds to complete university studying at home, considering how abusive it gets every time I attended an academic institution – the entire time which there was no law against it unless the politicians made such a law or celebrities started a war last we checked. Always so disrespectful, always so abusive, and always set out from a distance to ensure they could free themselves of all responsibility, whilst at the same time ordering my steps and running me down all day long. It eventually comes down to the idea the way I talk churned the tummy whilst we know their insults did that as they were now in league with rogue landlords and corrupt private security industry and it was all about my mouth and my tummy and a need to make the abuses infectious because they believed I would be isolated – currently out of its depth talking nonsense, especially when they claim the problem to be that little was known about me and we know what they do with such issues is to put themselves in charge of matters they knew nothing about whilst I suffered career set backs getting them out, save the times when they came up stuck and had to decide that if they were men, they did not like women, society had to change to make them comfortable and vice versa, only during which time it becomes clear that they were not in charge. I am aware this is all caused by Celebrities and if they have not devised another lifestyle which does not involve handling my sweet personal and social life to feel good by the deadline, I will take steps to strip them of the fame they have built up by handling my career publicity, so that I may be as abusive as they have literally trained me to be. Needs to stop handling me, the brain was usable last time we checked or the question will likely become incredibly important, as to whether innovative socialism where people who had the brain capacity to make themselves wealthy deployed it to solve social problems and therefore solve all of it, if they wanted to or not, will either have to chose to stop handling me or find out if the worst of its nightmare was a situation where I decided the stupid community that sends it out to share my personal space and run me down so they can work my career publicity on account it had nothing to lose and therefore found such activities simple, was he worst I could do. It never stops trying to live in a history when I did nothing about it, the problem rather being that the history was a platform, something I did in order to say that it was possible to take real action when we arrived at a stage in which what annoyed me the most was the way that their neighbourhoods were comfortable for them.

For the time being we are doing the Media truth not the real one in which Celebrities got out of bed everyday to wreck my finances trying to be me, in a condition where they were able to go somewhere I would not be able to go in order to disturb an existence where they got to be me – the best way was to pick up areas of my social life that a mistress could occupy and set about copying anything I did to get trouble makers fighting my wars and set about claiming whatever I may have done about their need to take the clothes off on my public image as a matter of the last person they got into bed with. It would say that it was famous, no chance that the damage this does and whether they had to decide to stay away from my finances or find out what reaction would be like if I wanted to stop them living in a history when I did nothing about it, would lead to a reaction. I do not think it is a crisis, there have so far been international level complaints about my response to Celebrities showing up here to learn what I am doing, get under my skin and run me down publicly. 
The point has been raised about whether I thought these activities were performed at random – especially when the outcome was that I dropped out of University and accounted for my costs by making sure their children were past it as well, which should have been the end save Celebrities decided that if they had come into contact with my career, they were due financial assistance, at the exact time they were starting to realise that retirements and pensions were things human beings did. For my part it started when I left home or more like that was when they thought there were little restrictions to how abusive I could be handled so people could make use of my personality – 21 years old, moved out of home to live on my own for the first time, cannot tell why my tummy is doing strange things and then the community croon next door got to reorganise her window blinds to abuse me publicly and cover herself, the idiot next door parks his car by my bedroom window everyday and starts it up early in the morning to put the light in my room everyday whilst banging the wall, carried on for 5 more years in every neighbourhood and the University fiasco was the last straw. The Celebrity bits now needs to find a personal and social life that excluded me or I will begin their own as well, those who think they can will have to catch me first, then stop me as well once they did.

The question raised is that of which I found to be more destructive, celebrity or the authorities but it is certainly celebrities as they were certain to delay or stifle personal career progress if there was the slightest suggestion of it whether or not there was real purpose to such a suggestion, as the case in many instances, and keep it going to such an extent that at least in mindset, the victim was dealing with the problems he or she had resolved a long time prior, such problems will therefore have returned at a time when the victim had less finance and more responsibilities, such that it was possible to imagine the Nazis would have needed evolution time, to do some of the abusive things Celebrities did. It does like to boast about ways I would get squashed naturally and it is utter nonsense as I plan to ensure those instances where gimmicks by which I have been influenced whilst I am trying to provide a service for my clients were eliminated, it and its society idiots put pressure elsewhere, make the comments and gestures about their own careers and work the insolent body language where only those who are interested would be affected – they always need other peoples career publicity to work fame and we know that they get it because the so call fans hand over power to them in order to avoid the authorities, which has nothing to do with my University studies, finances, and now my Bookshop as well. It is as though you can only breathe when they do not have possession of all those things that take advantage of the career setbacks they have caused you, to make you feel distractedly influenced, at that stage it was clear that they were not in the same league as a Royal Prince and it was the only way for me to get on. They do claim I am distractedly influenced because they possessed what I did not have, it is utter nonsense as the first time around it trashed my University studies, over claims I spent time trying to make the most of ideas that somebody was getting rich and famous at my expense, after that it trashed my crime control publicity to make organised crime products cheaper because it had done some career beneficial damage here in the past, now it simply picks up my career publicity and copies what my clients did with me to build up Assets and property in order to make their own, hence the problem is more to do with distractedly influenced, about which there is now a huge body of work that I had to do to recover my assets from people who planned to be as slippery as possible on the matter, so I need to prepare to be a very destructive person if the deadline had expired. It would also make sense of the fact I had a lot of work to do convincing the public that the jobs market was still the best way to proceed, the premise for that work was that their fans wanted to be free of complications associated with them but did not want to give up the money associated with them, so there was a trick and a media lies deciding what truth was, whilst peoples lives were being run through the social activities that criminals spent time on using publicity i.e. the importance of preparing to be very destructive when the deadline expires. The picture if people want me to justify myself, is that these are people who start out their teenage years with a sense that they were prepared to steal what they do not have and any changes which may have altered that was simply setting a stage for an idea to develop that people were free to steal whatever they did not have unless a famous person got them out but it had nothing to do with my Royal finances and my Bookshop (it showed up at University chasing my personality, to finger bums and I paid the price for it but that occurred 15 years ago year date 2023, they will not be keeping their finances if I had to convince the public of the importance of jobs market again, whilst they interfere with my Bookshop clients).

The story that what I have seen indicated how superior Celebrities and their abusive friends at industry were, considering we were unable to cope with it, so annoying since it all relies on a history in time when they never got a response for the insults and ran it to such an extent my career and finances were affected. What has been shown rather being that they are not in charge and therefore always tend to think their experiences were more relevant to peoples lives than those who actually lived in those existences, obviously a method of getting other people to pay for the effects and consequences of their personal decisions, where I suppose I have made my position clear about the way that I will bury it in their comfort zone if there is a suggestion that the effects of the insults and abuses was the look of my Royal history. It is always pursuing my Assets whenever it wanted to make money and is always hurling insults at me, more so it seems to be that I am a target for it ever since it figured out I ma a Hermit and do not in their world of men who enjoyed riveting peoples children into a position where all that was done was mechanical, so it may be possible to tease and abuse and get what is being done to serve everything with a penis exclusively, I have issued the warning on this front as well, as per if I get my hands on their showbusiness, considering how much enjoyment is derived from showing up here to abuse my writing career by making stupid statements about the way I got to experience what their lives were like and on being unable to cope had proven them to be superior, I should do my bit to show I intended to ensure it was the last time that they saw it too. They do claim it was a matter of American influence but it was, the American matter was a completely different story; people think of American as an extension of the UK but it is more accurate to think of it as a bigger version of Germany and it is not the biggest Country in the world, Russia is. Here they would claim we were hypocritical about the fact we hated Americans which is utter nonsense as we can see that self improvement seminars for the male population although having no meaning or purpose, has become a global stage phenomenon on my public image and patronises me everyday for its gimmicks, likewise the women who pick up my career publicity to run off servitude gimmicks and arrive at a stage where I ought to get into trouble with the Police to show I deserved what I owned by sitting about thinking of what people might be doing with it in prison, which had no meaning but clearly an implication where those who performed such activities were famous. It will only free itself from instances where it got to complain about British as well, if it fools around somewhere else and it does like to say I am the soft touch whilst complaining of the soft touch that is willing to reason with them always tending to live in an assumption that they were aware of the consequences of their actions before they embarked on it. We get the good leadership from American Politics for years but this nonsense builds up to a point of implosion, so it had to be given an outlet, they have been in charge for more or less 12 years now and in that time we were one step closer to world war three whilst burning peoples crime control publicity to make organised crime products cheaper for famous idiots and burning governmental diplomacy assets to bend them to the will of the famous seems to have created a result where none can tell what either communists or people engaged with market were doing at the diplomatic and economic backyard (it does need to speak to me as if I do have a career, I am drowning in the distractive influence insults).